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  1. Kernel needs patching for the new version of the chip (0x5020001). Looks like there is one available, see: https://gitlab.com/Codeaurora/platform_vendor_qcom-opensource_wlan_qcacld-2.0/commit/d610b2296adb5073e52a01e465b8e1ba95c46514 But it was never mainlined, so you'd have to patch the kernel yourself, or find out why it was never mainlined and if it was never submitted, submit a pull request to Linus and see what happens on the mailing list.
  2. In a terminal Windows type: dmesg
  3. A lot of the dtb's are different for the 4.x and 5.x kernels. Make sure you're not using the same dtb file for both. You might also not use the same dtb (name wise) on both as a lot has changed between releases. Please try all the dtb's, starting with those closest to the one that worked previously.
  4. It's not unfortunately. Only hw1.0 made it into the mainline. That patch is for hw1.1, which is what my boards' chip is.
  5. @balbes150 - would you be able to apply a kernel patch for me in your next build? It's for an older version of the kernel, but I don't think the diff would of changed since it was mainlined..? The patch is located: https://github.com/ajaybhatia/Qualcomm-Atheros-QCA9377-Wifi-Linux/blob/master/qca9377_hw1.1_for_linux_4.4-rc2.patch Thanks for the hard work either way.
  6. After some more research I've found that if type: sudo modprobe wlan Then run: sudo service network-manager restart When I type: iwconfig I get results like in this: https://imgur.com/a/Gemz8u8 But unfortunately no networks show up in the network connection manager. Also running: sudo iwlist scan Or... sudo nmcli dev wifi Or... sudo iw dev wlan scan ALL just run forever. So again. A bit stumped. How can I check if the drivers are installed properly for the chip?
  7. Hi. Thanks so much for the effort that's been put in to this. It's really quite amazing what I can do with my little TV box! I've had some issues getting armbian to work fully though, and I believe it's entirely down to the dtb.img not being quite right. I'm using: gxm_q201_2g.dtb On the xenial mate version found: https://yadi.sk/d/srrtn6kpnsKz2/Linux/ARMBIAN/5.44/kernel_3.14 Which, while booting up fine, gives me no WiFi. When I run: dmesg | grep wifi I see several lines like: aml_wifi wifi.36: [wifi_dev_probe] no power_on_pin2 ... (it goes on like that but I can't get a copy and paste from my box, as I can't get it on a network) EDIT: Photo available - https://imgur.com/a/D12wRYr Is there something I should do after booting up to get the WiFi chip working? Or do I need to find a more accurate dtb? I'm really at a loss, and no WiFi is kind of a deal breaker, which would be an absolute shame. Any ideas/advice/links/help/suggestions? Thanks! 😊
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