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  1. Mashhup

    Sunvell T95z plus - 2/16GB - S912 - 9377 WiFi issue

    After some more research I've found that if type: sudo modprobe wlan Then run: sudo service network-manager restart When I type: iwconfig I get results like in this: But unfortunately no networks show up in the network connection manager. Also running: sudo iwlist scan Or... sudo nmcli dev wifi Or... sudo iw dev wlan scan ALL just run forever. So again. A bit stumped. How can I check if the drivers are installed properly for the chip?
  2. Hi. Thanks so much for the effort that's been put in to this. It's really quite amazing what I can do with my little TV box! I've had some issues getting armbian to work fully though, and I believe it's entirely down to the dtb.img not being quite right. I'm using: gxm_q201_2g.dtb On the xenial mate version found: Which, while booting up fine, gives me no WiFi. When I run: dmesg | grep wifi I see several lines like: aml_wifi wifi.36: [wifi_dev_probe] no power_on_pin2 ... (it goes on like that but I can't get a copy and paste from my box, as I can't get it on a network) EDIT: Photo available - Is there something I should do after booting up to get the WiFi chip working? Or do I need to find a more accurate dtb? I'm really at a loss, and no WiFi is kind of a deal breaker, which would be an absolute shame. Any ideas/advice/links/help/suggestions? Thanks! 😊