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  1. I agree.. I have a new set of options to try on pppd today, I'll come back to slip for another look after that. Aside from it being slip, I'm not sure it really gets me much closer. I'd prefer to wire it in, I already have a handful of Opi's laying around doing nothing. My hit miss rate with esp is about 50%, not terribly good. A
  2. You're pretty much right all round there. The IIgs is the client, it is marinetti that I'm trying to use. However its giving me nothing but grief, so I was considering trying SLIP. Ahh yes there is wifi, and I have played with the esp boards before. What I was wanting PPP for though, was routing what native tcp applications there are for the GS out into the real world. And local networking NFS etc. Its more a convenience thing than a speed thing, give the best I'll get it 57.6k on a side note, I never did like marinetti much... always used to fall over for me :/
  3. Out of interest, does anyone know if there's a SLIP package in existance still? I have an antique Apple IIgs which is having trouble with PPP and want to try it on SLIP which it used to do fairly happily. But I can't find any reference to one, just looking for confirmation though. Regards, A