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  1. Dennis I apologize for calling you Denny. It wasn't intentional. It was done in haste. I *always* check with the person for a preference before doing such a thing. I am not clear just how to do this. What file has bytes? What form (binary? Ascii? ) How to ID bytes I want etc. .....Deleted I worked for a while trying to express more questions and observations, verify what I think I have seen etc. I wonder if it is possible I have stumbled on the source of the problem - usb to serial console adapter. Is it possible that it is messing with power? I am using the FA a
  2. Thanks for this post Denny. Armbianmonitor: http://ix.io/2cPw Can you or anyone actually, point me to a solution? I have a NEO 2 that will not reliably boot (now). Your solution looks like you boot SD card and then, using the booted system, fix the MMC boot process. I can't get board to boot with valid SD image. This board and image were working fine and I know of nothing I did that would break it. The same card/image works on a NEO 2+ just fine. Both are earlier HW revs I think but have been working reliably through many power cycles and shutdowns. I see that no
  3. I too am running H5 based board and want to get hw WD functions as well as others working. I have Nano PI NEO 2 , NEO plus2, and NEO Core2. I need to be able to use the WD features on all of these boards. I have read all in the fora here as well as what was linked with particular attention to this and have tried to implement the example provided by gnasch but when I do, I get this: # ps aux |grep watch root 44 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? S 22:39 0:00 [watchdogd] root 1773 0.0 0.1 2824 648 ttyS0 S+ 22:41 0:00 grep watch Honestly, I ha
  4. One other thing. The local group gpio has a group ID of 1002. I created the group because it was (apparently) needed but did not specify GID on creation. When I have seen GIDs for gpio elsewhere they are sub 1000 numbers (101 I think)- presumably reserved for system functions. I assume these sub 1000 numbers are assigned by the os and by convention the range below 1000 is used. It does not follow (in my mind anyway) that there is any necessity for that convention except easier system admin, config, etc. It would not surprise me however, to learn that some core code can't handle system GIDs
  5. Greetings all. I am having no success getting access to gpio pins in NR using opi-gpio. I am trying to re-build a system that I messed up due to an update. The update broke access to the 1-wire host adapter I had running on I2C. I have searched and read a lot trying to find a solution but I am not making enough sense of the solutions I read to even know if they apply or if I am applying them correctly. Very frustrating because I had this working once but that was a number of versions ago for both armbian and NR. Also, the gpio pins were working even after the I2c update.
  6. Fix DNS not part of problem - My error. Webmin install candidate not found. Repos not included in armbian install. Add them. The instructions to do this are here http://www.webmin.com/deb.html I used nano to edit /etc/apt/sources.list file to add the repository shown in the link. Webmin dependency apt-show-versions not installing / breaking webmin install. Apparently, the issue was apt-show-versions was in some way impacted by having compressed files somewhere 'nearby'. Deleting with rm as below allowed process to complete. cd /var/li
  7. Thanks SFX2k Will look into cockpit. There are some things I am not comfortable with about Webmin so here's hoping. Also thanks for Tecmint. Will check out. I had tried installing from a local package but it didn't go well. Can't remember details. I don't mean to be pedantic but as far as armbian-config goes, I still can't find a place to specify DNS servers for a manual IP config under the Network/IP or Network/Advanced tab. Those are the only two places it ought to be by my experience and no option when doing a manual IP config seems, well, less than optimal. If whe
  8. UPDATE: It looks like my issue boils down to the question: Should Webmin be available from the default sources used by Armbian? Other packages are accessible but without webmin I am inclined to find another variant where Webmin can be used easily... If yes, how can I troubleshoot APT config? It isn't finding webmin. If no, why? Webin seems quite popular - even in this context. It would be helpful to know why those who know Armbian best would want to avoid having it on the platform. Q
  9. 1) Agreed. 2)Not hurt. As indicated, following up with a serious and respectful response makes it a little clearer as to the intent - but only a little. Making a generalization here so --CAUTION-- Prickly responses to help requests count heavily against the platform (in this case Armbian) in the mind of new prospects considering investing their resources in the endeavor. That really does "hurt" everyone! Moving on. Thanks for the link and comments networking and DNS resolution. I will review. As I was thinking about how ping works after the fact, it made sense to me that when
  10. Tido Thanks for your comments. We agree. I also think you would agree that holds true for M.2. So the remaining question is, can eMMC be used easily and effectively in this context only as a RO store and does it offer any significant gains in terms of a "responsive" system. Also, in my book, reliability means in part, the system doesn't go down because of wearout that could have been detected (S.M.A.R.T.) or avoided altogether. While I need to understand this aspect more, I had read that RAM is used for logs. One of a number of reasons I decided to try Armbian.
  11. SFX2k Wrong as it may be I followed the documentation here getting started which under I attempted to use the options offered there. I came back to the forum just now after I noted that there is another DIFFERENT way shown to update farther down the page to update. I understand that documentation is a challenge to keep up to date and perfectly correct but it is also unhelpful and impolite to point out someone's error when it was a result of faulty directions they relied upon without also acknowledging the bad directions. Further, it is less helpful to others tri
  12. Guidol, It may be just as easy to corrupt eMMC but wouldn't it be far less likely to happen if the OS wasn't writing to it as a matter of course? Also, my stated concern was not corruption per se but wear that would render the memory useless and I think, the entire board because The eMMC contains the bootloader. I also expect that I should be able to restrict write access as root and mark RO for the OS which would further protect it. If true that makes an even better case to use just the USB connected M.2 device for storage - equally easy to deal with as the TF card. Again, the on
  13. I was not referring to the port number but the signalling protocol being used as it plays a key role in determining performance of the storage system.
  14. Point taken Guidol. Sorry for the confusion. Correcting here and elsewhere...
  15. Greetings all, See my last post in thread for method I found to get around issues. EDIT: This may be limited to is an apt issue DNS seems ok after all. Use nmtui to edit network config not armbian-config None of what follows should be taken as complaining. I am only trying to get some help, give some observations from a non-expert viewpoint and possibly help ID a bug. Not being an expert, I am looking for confirmation. I am trying to get the NanoPi NEO core-2 LTS set up and am having some issues with apt. I haven't gone past that because the first t