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  1. Some additional information. 1. When I connected modem to USB on expansion board, Orange Pi started normally. 2. System start hangs only from cold start. If Armbian started, modem hot-plugged in and Armbian is soft rebooted, the system normally starts.
  2. I have Orange Pi Zero Plus (H5 CPU) and Huawei E303 HiLink USB modem. The modem doesn't have any enabled interfaces such as CD-ROM, SD CARD, and other unusuable stuff except RNDIS interface (I want to believe that AT commands really disables it). When Armbian is started, connected to USB modes normally starts and system has new network interface and all works fine. When I try to power on board with connected modem, Armbian doesn't start, onboard LED doesn't light, modem starts normally and indicate normal link (blue LED lights). Here is log when modem hot-plugged: Seems that CD-ROM appears for short time. I expect that at boot time system tries to start from this CD-ROM. What is possible to do to avoid this at boot time?