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  1. I ask this question purely out of curiosity - why is the userpatches folder not in the build folder when it is first cloned
  2. I have a very good understanding of bash commands I just read it differently than you intended, everything actually worked without applying the patch so I'm not sure what we've achieved. What doesn't work is downloading a fresh clone - thanks for your help Edit Someone must have merged the fix into the current tree as it now works perfectly again - thanks again
  3. @going thank you for your time - I tried your suggestion and got this ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch diff: unrecognized option '--git' diff: Try 'diff --help' for more information. ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch: line 2: index: command not found ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch: line 3: ---: command not found ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch: line 4: +++: command not found ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch: line 5: @@: command not found ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token `)' ../fix-6.6.30-version.patch: line 7: ` current)
  4. @Hqnicolas that did the trick thanks for that, presumably this branch predates the breaking change gh pr checkout 6618 the above command didn't work on my Linux box - thanks again. gh pr checkout 6618 fatal: couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/fix-broken-patch
  5. I didn't see that let me google that for you message - I'll try specifying the branch as you suggest
  6. @Werner I ran this from the build folder git fetch origin pull/6618/head and I'm trying to build it again - from what I see on the tty it looks to be compiling and linking
  7. Just tried a fresh clone and ran compile.sh - and it crashed as before - it builds a ras pi image OK but not the nanopim4v2
  8. @Werner will performing a fresh clone bring in the patch ?
  9. @Werner thanks but can you give me the exact syntax please
  10. Thanks for replying - How can I pin a build to the previous kernel version ?
  11. Hi all, I've been building armbian images for my nanopim4 boards for some time with great success, however I refreshed the build scripts today and I'm seeing LOADS of errors flashing by and then It crashes - my build machine is an intel nuc I5 with 16gb RAM running Debian bookworm - I hope I've got the log url correct
  12. @Gunjan Gupta - I rebooted and all was as it should be. Thanks for replying
  13. Hi All, I wanted to add some dtoverlay lines to the pi's config.txt which was in /boot/firmware/config.txt and I notice the folder is empty ? WTF the pi is running ok - how can this be ?
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