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  1. pkfox

    NanoPI 4MV2

    Oh ok WiFi doesn't work on Buster
  2. pkfox

    NanoPI 4MV2

    Hi I have one of these boards and haven't noticed any degradation in signal ( but unless it was dropping the connection I wouldn't check ) do you have WiFi working on this Buster release?
  3. OK, what is PR ?
  4. Hi all, I'm a bit out of date with regards to a working image for the NanoPi M4 v2 board. I have @pask image which works great but having to boot from the sd card and flash a bootloader patch to eMMC card whenever you reinstall ( I constantly break installs by over experimenting with stuff I don't know enough about ) is a bit of a pain. Anyone know of an image I can just download and flash ?
  5. pkfox

    Nanopi M4 V 1

    I think I did try that Martin
  6. Hi all, has anyone managed to get wifi working on the Buster image for M4 v 1 ? Works perfectly with Bionic but I couln't connect at all on the Buster image ( eth0 on physical cable was fine ), using armbian-config lists available networks but is unable to connect ( which is what the error message is )
  7. Found this thread on here and I have sound from the audio jack on M4 v1 not tried V2 yet
  8. This is the output from startx X.Org X Server 1.20.4 X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 Build Operating System: Linux 4.9.0-8-arm64 aarch64 Debian Current Operating System: Linux nanopim4 4.4.192-rk3399 #6 SMP Tue Oct 8 18:32:46 CEST 2019 aarch64 Kernel command line: earlycon=uart8250,mmio32,0xff1a0000 swiotlb=1 console=ttyFIQ0 rootwait coherent_pool=1m root=UUID=a219086b-aecd-44d5-80b7-8da3f490a03e rootwait rootfstype=ext4 console=ttyS2,1500000 console=tty1 panic=10 consoleblank=0 loglevel=1 ubootpart=2d97cec0-01 usb-storage.quirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u cgroup_enable=cpuset cgroup_memory=1 cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1 Build Date: 05 March 2019 08:11:12PM xorg-server 2:1.20.4-1 ( Current version of pixman: 0.36.0 Before reporting problems, check to make sure that you have the latest version. Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting, (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational, (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown. (==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.1.log", Time: Sun Nov 24 18:33:19 2019 (==) Using config directory: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d" (==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d" gbm: failed to open any driver (search paths /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/dri:\$${ORIGIN}/dri:/usr/lib/dri) gbm: Last dlopen error: /usr/lib/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory failed to load driver: rockchip (II) modeset(0): Initializing kms color map for depth 24, 8 bpc.
  9. It was definitely connected to the internet Nico - and apt install lightdm states that the latest is already installed
  10. Hi Igor, I'm using a Nanopi M4 v1 and running Buster
  11. I'm using the original M4 ( as well as v2)
  12. Hi all, I installed the desktop using armbian-config Install Browser and other but It still boots into a shell - what else do I need to do ?
  13. Thanks for replying but I'm a user not a kernel hacker :-) that stuff doesn't mean much to me - are you saying anything using kernel 5 or above has no sound ?
  14. Hi all, is it ok to run apt update and apt upgrade on @pask M4 v2 image - just thinking something might alter the bootloader
  15. Hi all, I'm using the @pask build for the M4 v2 and all seems good except I am not getting any sound from the 3.5 Jack ( can't try the HDMI as I don't have anything to plug in ) any ideas chaps ? Edit - this is the output from mplayer MPlayer 1.3.0 (Debian), built with gcc-8 (C) 2000-2016 MPlayer Team do_connect: could not connect to socket connect: No such file or directory Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control. Playing 16. Tush.flac. libavformat version 58.20.100 (external) Mismatching header version 58.12.100 Audio only file format detected. Load subtitles in ./ ========================================================================== Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders libavcodec version 58.35.100 (external) Mismatching header version 58.18.100 [flac @ 0x7f94cadbf8]Got unexpected packet after EOF AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 1016.2 kbit/72.01% (ratio: 127031->176400) Selected audio codec: [ffflac] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg FLAC audio) ========================================================================== AO: [pulse] Init failed: Connection refused Failed to initialize audio driver 'pulse' [AO_ALSA] alsa-lib: pcm_hw.c:1711:(snd_pcm_hw_open) open '/dev/snd/pcmC0D0p' failed (-16): Device or resource busy [AO_ALSA] Playback open error: Device or resource busy Failed to initialize audio driver 'alsa' [AO SDL] Samplerate: 44100Hz Channels: Stereo Format s16le [AO SDL] using aalib audio driver. [AO SDL] Unable to open audio: No available audio device Failed to initialize audio driver 'sdl:aalib' Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound. Audio: no sound Video: no video Exiting... (End of file) root@nanopim4:/mnt/M2SSD/