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  1. Oh ok, how did you configure it ?
  2. I'm pretty sure I read on here you can't boot from anything except SD or eMMC
  3. As this is the Armbian forum why would I try another distro ? it's failing because /sys/class/bluetoth doesn't exist but I don't know why
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to get Bluetooth working with the M4 ( installed it via armbian-config ) but on checking the status I see this
  5. pkfox

    M4 Died

    Hats off to Amazon I told them the board had died ( via their online chat ) and they refunded me in full and presumably dealt with the seller
  6. Glad you got it worked out I enjoyed the journey - need a new project now
  7. pkfox

    M4 camera

    Ok thanks for that, so support should filter through to Armbian ?
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to RDP into Armbian from a Windows box and whilst I can connect I only see a blank desktop - any ideas ?
  9. pkfox

    M4 camera

    Hi all, has anyone here got a camera to work on the M4 running Linux - I know they work with Android but what a waste of a board putting Android on it
  10. Have you any instructions on how to do this ?
  11. Hi Nico, do you build a distro or just a kernel ?
  12. pkfox

    NanoPI M4

    I've just dd'd the image to another EMMC card and it booted perfectly - bearing in mind I created the image from a running system which I know is frowned upon.
  13. pkfox

    NanoPI M4

    What would be the offset for an Armbian image ? Edit I worked it out with googles help if you run fdisk -lu /path/to/your/image.img it will give you start and end numbers , if you multiply the start figure by 512 this gives you the offset. I just tried it with my dd created Armbian EMMC image and it mounted ok - this is a useful piece of knowledge when you want to retrieve some files from your backup.
  14. I know what you mean ( many hats and titles ) I've been programming computers since 1971 and I'm still getting paid to do so - some of my previous titles are shown below Programmer Systems Analyst Analyst Programmer Project Manager Lead Programmer Software Engineer l could go on - all those different titles for essentially the same job BTW I have the Pi with 4 Ssd drives working beautifuly
  15. Crucial MX500 1000GB 2.5