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  1. I just want something to power the board long enough for me to power it down gracefully in the event of a power failure
  2. Hi all, I have several Nanopi M4V2's running 24/7 which I use for prototyping my projects , I would like a UPS as a safety backup to power them. I'm in the UK has anybody got any suggestions as to what I should consider ? I hope this is the right forum for this post
  3. Hi there, thanks for replying - what I'm trying to do is clone the eMMC on a running system. If I understand what you are suggesting correctly you are saying rsync everything you need from eMMC card to an external card then install a fresh Armbian image on the eMMC and finally copy the data back
  4. I thought that might be the case thanks
  5. Hi Igor, I would like to create a system image, on my windows boxes I use AOMEI which you can use on a running system and it creates a snapshot of your current box ( applications installed etc... the works ) I would pay for such a system for these boards - when you say Backup your data and changes to the system (additional packages and configs). How can you do that with a live system ?
  6. Hi all, first off, I love my NanoPiM4V2 boards, the big drawback with them for me is backing them up, if you are running them from an eMMC and you have the board in a case, you have to remove the cover of the case, if you have a hat ( which I do ) you also have to remove that , then you can remove the eMMC module and clone or do whatever with it. What would be good for me, is, if I could temporarily boot from an sdcard , unmount the eMMC, and clone it for backup purposes. Before I ruin anything I thought I'd ask the experts. Is this doable ?
  7. So I'm not too far behind the latest ?
  8. Hi all, I've been away for a while - is the version shown below the latest for the NanoPi M4 V2 ? Linux M4V202 4.4.213-rk3399 #23 SMP Sat Mar 28 16:58:50 CET 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
  9. Hi all, I had a need to install the latest version of Postgres possible across my various boards ( Nanopi4 v1 and v2 and a raspberry pi ) the only way I could find to do this, is, compile from source, I came across this howto written for the Ras Pi but it works perfectly for the other boards Here is the link
  11. hi all, does anyone have postgresql running on a Nanopi M4 v2 under bionic beaver ? I have it working on buster but can't get it to install on bionic
  12. HI all, having finally got my Nanopi m4 v2s setup as I want them ( bionic ) and pretty stable too. I would like to setup a nightly backup , I have Postgres installed so would want that data backed up to . Do any of you have any suggestions as to the best way / strategy to do this ? I have external SSD' and USB drives available
  13. Hi Nico, is this with the M4 version 2 ?