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  1. For days now I have been fighting to get this thing working. No boot, No hdmi, no sound, no wireless network and so on. Armbian is anyway the best choice for this device, Supported? well yes if you have lan, true HDMI Well i got it to boot, after writing a new image to sd card. finally booted, no signal detected ( with a DVI > HDMI ), I had to hook it up to a true HDMI and modify the script.bin file to get a signal. Got it to boot all the way to the desktop. Hurray ! Plugged in a crappy wifi adapter from Ali express (realtek 8081 i think it is) and I got wifi, jippi. Next time booting no wifi, no matter what I tried. Made a new image again, with modified script.bin file. Wifi works. Then tried to ssh to it from my windows PC, using putty, worked fine the first time. Next day it did not work ( yes password was correct) I gave it up. so is it worth it? Well I let you be the judge. Orange Pi PC = 15 US , Raspberry Pi 2 B is the most equal i hardware price is around 25-30 US, but you get a much better board when it comes to hardware configuration.