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  1. Why was this moved? I thought I had this in the correct section.. the one that mentions my board by name (I just noticed.. I never actually said what the board was.. its an Odroid XU4)
  2. Just realized there is more than one mainline desktop with kernel 4.xx This is the image I downloaded and flashed... Armbian Bionic desktop mainline kernel 4.14.y I have done a sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, which would explain the different kernel # I have from uname -r vs. the one listed in the image. Thanks. If you need any logs or anything, let me know. I'm very new to linux (well, linux on arm.. I run fedora on a x86 laptop, and that seems to be better fleshed out.. things just work better)
  3. Well, glxgears shows ~60fps.. I'd expect more from that very light weight program. Is hardware graphics acceleration not functioning in mainline desktop (kernel 4.19.xx)?
  4. I've just installed the default desktop image, flashed directly to my emmc using etcher. Everything seems to work ok, as far as I can tell. Using the date command, it has my local time as correct, but the clock in the taskbar or whatever its called at the top of the screen is about 6 hours ahead (gmt). How do I correct this? Also, how do I verify that video acceleration is functioning or not? How do I adjust the cpu freq gov and what is the default? I looked in the boot.ini file, but it says to set the environment variables in a file named /boot/armbianEnv.txt . This file doesnt exist, so I assume I'm just to touch it and then copy over the lines I want from boot.ini and then edit them? Thanks