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  1. I did reply on the <5.44 Thread. The latest and highest Kernel Version i got to work on this box with testing different dtb files was 3.14....
  2. I have the same Box and did try many .dtb files and images. The only one i got to work was the 3.14 Kernel Images with the lepotato2g dtb. Try Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_3.14.29_xfce_20180601. The newer Version from 20180729 has a different dtb file for the lepotato which didn't work for me. (Or take the new image but the dtb file from the old one) As mentioned, did try 4.9 and 4.19 Images but no luck to get it working with different dtb files... Maybe someone can give me a tip :) I have decompiled some dtb files back to dts (and the original android) to have a look at the differences, but with the newer kernels the "format" inside did change completly... Anyone having this Box, and got it to work, please get in touch with me :) (maybe with all the dtb file testing i did make a mistake^^) Thanks
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