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  1. Here are logs right after system was restarted with power cycle: http://ix.io/1y41 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’m relatively new to Armbian, have been running it with XU4 for couple of months. Otherwise working very well, but there’s occational (once a month) full system hang/crash or something. This is a remote server with constant load (video surveillance) and when it happens, all connectivity is of course lost and I think it can be only resolved locally with full power cycle. I’ve not yet tried to attach HDMI monitor when it’s in the crashed state, but will do it next time. Although not very optimistic if that works at all. There are nothing obvious in the logs, or it might be that I don’t know where to look. Are there any general advice what to do, how to figure this out? Any configs etc. to change? Should I have logs pushed to remote server via syslog with hope see something from there? Or install some kind of monitoring software?