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  1. Hi, I need to use the MPV option --record-file and notice that the repository 0.14 version doesn't have this. What's the best way to update to the latest version of MPV? I'm using MPV on legacy Armbian (Xenial) due to it's stable multimedia features on my H3 device. Thanks
  2. Is there any command to query ANY info from the display? even if it's live resolution information, it might help to use that to determine status? I notice that there's h3disp but I assume this is just for setting configuration not for querying?
  3. Thanks Tido, but I'm writing to the forum because CEC has proven too slow to return the status information mailny because it has to setup a CEC connection first that takes a few seconds. I am looking for a faster way to get the status of the monitor and was hoping for a non-cec method similar to the method availble to raspberry pi where one can query /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hpd_state which equals 0 when the TV is off. Is there something similar that can be queried on a H3 device?
  4. Can anyone suggest a command line command that would return the status of the connected HDMI monitor? Whether it is on standby or not or something that might help to determine if the display is active or not. I'm currently using Armbian Xenial on a H3 Orange Pi Zero Plus 2. Thanks
  5. I've already used the Kernel patch file and can load the driver with modprobe hdmi_cec but am clueless when it comes to how to deal with libcec. Is libcec already in the Armbian build directory in order to apply the libcec patch file? if so where? Do I download libcec sources into the Armbian build directory, then patch? then run an Armbian build? Do I flash the armbian image onto the H3 Device then download and build libcec source on that?
  6. Thanks for the reply jernej, i'm using 3.4. Building Xenial 16.04 for it's multimedia stability. Can you please clarify if I need to build libcec in order to use cec-client on H3? If so how do I include libcec in a new Armbian build?
  7. Hi all, (Noobie alert!) Can someone please clarify how libcec is applied to the H3 device? Is libcec meant to be cross-compiled or compiled on the device? I've just compiled Armbian with HDMI_CEC driver which can be loaded with modprobe but not sure how to handle libcec? Am I meant to include libcec source in the Armbian source folders? if so where? Thanks