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  1. https://forum.armbian.com/topic/8082-armbian-for-tv-box-rk3328/?do=findComment&comment=81283 I tried the rom of this friend above and directly brushed in A5X MAX +. After the brushing is successful, the device has no response.
  2. I inserted the USB flash drive and SD card (see picture), then plugged in the TV box power, the system still enters the Android system. I don't know which step is missing.
  3. Hey guys, I bought the A5X MAX+ and the specification is rk3328, 4GB, 1GIB, usb3, android7. I tried to burn the blewing roms on my USB flash drive and SD card: Armbian_5.76_Rk3328-tv_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_20190306.IMG Armbian_5.96_Rk3328-tv_Debian_buster_default_4.4.154_desktop_20190911.IMG Armbian_5.96_Rk3328-tv_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.154_20190911.img And I tried to input the text "rk3328-a5x.dtb, rk3328-a5x-1500.dtb, rk3328-a5x-mx10.dtb, rk3328-evb.dtb" in "/extlinux/extlinux.conf", the system entered android instead of armbian which i really wanted. I followed the steps as belows: 1. Burn the SD card or USB flash drive; 2, edit: / extlinux / extlinux.conf 3. Insert the SD card or USB flash drive into the TV box; 4. Powered TV box; The final result is that the system cannot enter armbian, but android. Could you guys help me check where the problem is?
  4. Zero Plus CPU working at 1.3Ghz now, I have been unable to normal use it before ,because the MOS pin is not soldered well (the solder has a fault). I upgrade system to 4.19,and set '/boot/armbianEnv.txt' add 'gpio-regulator-1.3v cpu-clock-1.3GHz-1.3v'
  5. I have a Orange PI Zero Plus and I install ARMBIAN 4.19 system, How can I use board-h5-orangepi-zero-plus-add-regulator.patch to update the system? Sorry, I'm a newcomer. Can this patch board-h5-orangepi-zero-plus-add-regulator.patch run directly in the system? Or do I have to compile the 4.19 kernel file first? Can you tell me more detailed steps?
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