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  1. Hi,can you give me the file of your compile kernel 4.4.138 I want have a test on it
  2. of course, bro ,just a little trick. there is the download dir. And It has many imgs. if you find the 4.20 can work. I would be grateful for that.
  3. I try it in kernel 4.4.167. Thank you for your help. I am very excited that it can work very well. But I also try it in the latest kernel 4.20,but get 'don't support the operation'. I don't know why. But I can have a good work in the 4.4.167. Thank you very much!!!
  4. I have the same problem with you. When I download bittorrent file from web,the network crashed,and when I use usb network card,every work good.
  5. I have the same problem with you,and my network crashed when I download bittorrent files.
  6. Here I found a bug in Nanopi M4. When I download BitTorrent file through ipv6(use Transmission,qbittorent...),the network will crashed. And I even can't ping it successful. When I connect it in local.I don't see any log in the network service. And when I replace the network card(1000Mb) with a usb network card. The network work very good.And didn't appear any problem. I have try all the linux system include the office system. the problem happen again. So I only can use the usb network card or wifi. Does anyone who know how to solve the problem???
  7. I compile the tr from source code,and Ifind that when I download many bt torrents.It only use 1 cpu(I have 6). When I use the old version from apt, I find the multi threads work. My computer is arm64 rk3399 NanoPi 4with armbian(base on debian). where is the problem? the old version in apt is 2.9.2 I compile in 2.9.4
  8. yes,but the network will crashed when i download bittorrent file from bt server. And I don't know why. When I change to use the usb network card.every thing work good
  9. I find out the problem. the network eth0 will not work in my network enviroment,and other people who use the same network card have the same problem with me. It's because the enviroment in my school. And I change another network card with usb,the problem has solved.
  10. Do you know zidoo x9s ? It's a tv box which can enable openwrt and android both. I test the smb speed in zidoo x9s with my usb3 hdd disk in ntfs, the speed is same as in the computer.100MB/s (not '100Mb/s') But it has a big box,and I don't need the tv function. So I sell it. But It's openwrt's function in usb3 disk is very good. But when it download bt,the speed is a little slow. my bt is BitTorrent. I'm Sorry,It's not Bluetooth. I don't need the Bluetooth.
  11. Oh,You are all cool guys. I first try to use the neo4 to make a bt server in my school. But the network server will crashed when I download bt from the websit through ipv6. And I even can't ping it successful. When I restart the eth0,it work agian. But When bt a few minutes,it crashed again. And I try many ways to find out the reason. But I don't know why. So I give up this device. And I buy a Nano pi M4 for testing if it has the same problem. In Neo4 with 5v4a,I test the seq speed from sftp to my computer. The speed is only 50MB, and writ
  12. I meet the same problem,but your link is only the code in github. Can you tell me how to enable it to keep my mac addr and use network manager.Because I use ipv6. And I set /etc/network/interface,but ipv6 didn't work,I don't know why