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  1. It is possible to drag backlight control slider to far left position and this completely dims the screen's backlight. This might cause a lot of trouble, if backlight levels get saved by systemd service, as it will persist across reboots and will require you to shine a flashlight on a screen to actually see something and turn backlight back on.
  2. Apparently, I can install 5.70 dev kernel, but armbian-config would still display 5.60. And selecting any next kernels in armbian-config results in "Removing current kernel", then installing new kernel, but after reboot, uname -r still shows same dev kernel running. This looks like a bug in armbian-config.
  3. After clean flashing of 5.69 to eMMC and upgrading system via apt-get - for some reason, I'm back to 5.60 (according to armbian-config) and I have -dev kernel instead of next. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello! I'm using Armbian Stretch for 1080P Pinebook A64. I've installed Armbian Stretch about 2 months ago, when it was still "Unsupported" and in-development. Now, however, it's supported. Currently, I'm on Armbian Stretch 5.60 and dev branch. I would like to update to 5.69 and next branch. However, from armbian-config, I'm only able to go from stable to nightly build (5.68, but still dev branch). Moreover, I can't select next kernel from Other menu. Is there a way to switch branches (barring re-flashing from latest image)?