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  1. it's a good idea to use tegrastats utility(for logging) or top-looks jtop from Raffaello Bonghi - it's show CPU\GPU\total power consumption, frequency and load graph for GPU too(on second tab - press 2)
  2. it does not belong to anything specific - it's just a glue to window system (like GLX,WGL,AGL,etx). and it's up to vendor to support it or no, as well as Desktop OpenGL. If you want OpenGL 3(or higher) on ARM - only NVidia Tegra and their Jetson boards have full support of both OpenGL for Desktop and for Embeded Systems(aka ES) on Linux/arm, as well as GLX and EGL window glue. And it's hard to believe, that ARM proprietary drivers or Biforst/Mesa will have similar to Nvidia level of OpenGL support under Linux/Android (and yes, you can use Desktop OpenGL on Nvidia android tablet/tv box too ).
  3. gcc\g++ - correct. don't need to do anything with IS_LIB64 - since it's only selection for if. maybe need to set --prefix for autogen.sh to something like /usr/local instead of local dir. libcam_engine_cifisp.so/libcam_ia.so is normal ELF 64-bit LSB objects, ARM aarch64 (you can check it with file utility) PS: camera already working 12+ hours with gstreamer/opencv. with warnings\errors in dmesg, but without memory leaks PPS: just in case - 64bit SO in attachment libcam_engine_cifisp.so libcam_ia.so
  4. thanks to returning me to this thread original FriendlyElec distro use gstreamer-camera instead of gstreamer-plugins/extra - which I expect - thats a trick ( from github.com/rockchip-linux/ repos) never get more than 20 minutes with camera\OpenCV with FriendlyElec distro, but with Armbian already 1.5+ hour and looks like no so big memory leaks. continue testing upd: 1.7h with opencv/canny - it's a not bad result, but not exactly what I need RKISP continue to drops warning/errors due to FIFO overflow.
  5. Only FriendyArm dist(Desktop, Core) from 201812 support 13/4MPix cameras for now. in armbian(with 4.4 kernel) you need: - build and install a kernel with ov13xx driver(it's disabled now, also it missed a camera config) and rockchip ISP driver enabled; - install rkisp gstreamer driver to get accelerated access to Rk3399 ISP(Image Signal Processor - where CSI cameras connected, ); - maybe few more things; new 4.20 kernel(you can install it from armbian-config) create a /dev/video0 - it's not correct device for camera. in next few days I will make some test, so will share some info here
  6. thank you - it works! Yesterday I didn't look carefully in upgrade list and didn't realize a presence of new kernel :(
  7. only when upgrade through apt update/upgrade. just check once again - can confirm freeze on this particular board(Friendlyarm NanoPI M4). in upgrade its already armbian-bionic-desktop/bionic,bionic 5.70 all [upgradable from: 5.69] complete list of upgrade in attached file. freeze.armbian.txt
  8. It looks like system update of Armbian_5.69_Nanopim4_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.167_desktop.img make it freeze(when X11 already loaded, but XFCE not yet appear). Board is Friendlyarm NanoPi M4/2GB/SD. without update everything is OK. does anybody have similar behavior?