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  1. Hi, I just got my Orange Pi Zero for a Pihole. Running with a quality PSU and a SanDisk Ultra 16GB A1 card. Everything went perfectly fine, Pihole is the DNS for LAN, while my router handles WAN DNS (DNS over TLS with Cloudflare). I'm concerned a little bit about logging. What do you recommend to keep the sd card safe. I think Pihole is logging to /var/log/ whete running for less than 24 hours I have pihole.log 3MB size, with pihole.log.1 around 2MB. Is there a way to use log2ram for this or a good practice of log rotation, writing to RAM, etc? Your help is welcome!
  2. Many thanks, Igor This is really great news. Add it, for sure! WG is really a beast!
  3. Hi, I'm thinking about getting a HC2, but I would like to be sure if Wireguard is supported on Odroid. Did you manage to make it work? I run Armbian on a NEO2 and Wireguard works perfectly. Thanks!
  4. I managed to configure Wireguard on my remote NEO2 server and my home server. The NEO2 is configured as the server. It works amazing. Fast and easy, waaay faster then SSH tunneling, not to mentione OpenVPN. Sure, it maybe not as secure as OpenVPN or SSH, sinve no audit yet on Wireguard, but in my use case it is perfect. Great job and thanks for your support. It is awsome what a small piece of board like NEO2 can do with a great and optimized OS like Armbian
  5. Excellent! I will do the configuration, sure. So it is not a problem that modprobe doesn't give anything back? Strange, that I had apt isntall error too. But I will check. Thanks.
  6. I'm feom phone now, but strange, last two lines of dmesg say ok. Even if I had error during apt install. [ 76.932990] wireguard: WireGuard 0.0.20190702 loaded. See for information. [ 76.932998] wireguard: Copyright (C) 2015-2019 Jason A. D onenfeld <>. All Rights Reserved. What do you think, is it actually working?
  7. Hi, I'm running Armbian Ubuntu Server on my Neo2 and works quite good. I just can't install Wireguard. I have installed kernel headers from armbian config, bit still fails. I use the ppa repo. Kernel stable latest, 4.19.57 Any ideas how to proceed and install?
  8. Thanks. I'm running Armbian Ubuntu image. But how do I activete and configure watchdog?
  9. Well, I think I mixed up, I wanted to say patch OpenSSH. As the patch is required to be able to build OpenSSH agains OpenSSL 1.1. Still, I apply the patch to the correct version of OpenSSH, and fails.
  10. Yes, lesson learned for sure. I did consider this when I was working on it. Will have access to the device soon. I will need to configure (hardware) watchdog, I opened a thread about this. In this case watchdod wouldn't help me, but in many other cases certainly would. Still, I don't get it why I couldn't patch OpenSSL 1.1.
  11. Yes, I see the patch for OpenSSL 1.1x compatibility, but I get errors when I apply the patch to OpenSSL. Don't know why. And the HPN-SSH patch should be applied after the OpenSSL patch? I'm not too familiar with patching. Did you manage to apply both patches and build OpenSSH? I configured HPN-SSH successfully on my home and VPS servers running Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, and the performance is amazing, compared to stock SSH. I can fully max out my ISP upload, I have download speed over remote locations of around 10 MB/s, while on stock SSH it was 1-2,5 MB/s max. I'm using aes128-cb cipher now, but no noticeable difference with most ciphers. If a depreciated arcfour cipher is used, then it will give way less stress on SoC, still maintaining encryption, but not too secure. However, it depends on the use case, I stream hts from Tvheadend and want to keep some level of encryption on the stream and server-client communication. But I really struggle of how to compile HPN-SSH on Armbian, and now I messed up the system and have no access (and it is on a remote location). Yeah, one should never mess with system like this on remote, non-VPS system:)
  12. Hi, I'm running a NEO2 with Ubuntu at a remote location, so watchdog would be very important to have. Didn't use it before, but afaik H5 SoC supports hardware watchdog. How should I turn it on and do I need to install and configure anything? I read about H3, but not sure about H5. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, Igor. I will make a test and see (don't have access to the device now). I read a lot and some say it might brake, some say it wont.
  14. Hi, running Armbian Ubuntu on Nanopi Neo2 and it is working really great. I would like to implement HPN-SSH but I can't compile any of the OpenSSH versions against OpenSSL 1.1.x present on system. Any idea if OpenSSL 1.1.x can be safely downgraded to the latest OpenSSL 1.0.x release? I would use for example the method described here Not sure if OpenSSL 1.0.x would break anything on the system or not? Thanks for your help and advise!