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  1. Thanks. I'm running Armbian Ubuntu image. But how do I activete and configure watchdog?
  2. Well, I think I mixed up, I wanted to say patch OpenSSH. As the patch is required to be able to build OpenSSH agains OpenSSL 1.1. Still, I apply the patch to the correct version of OpenSSH, and fails.
  3. Yes, lesson learned for sure. I did consider this when I was working on it. Will have access to the device soon. I will need to configure (hardware) watchdog, I opened a thread about this. In this case watchdod wouldn't help me, but in many other cases certainly would. Still, I don't get it why I couldn't patch OpenSSL 1.1.
  4. Yes, I see the patch for OpenSSL 1.1x compatibility, but I get errors when I apply the patch to OpenSSL. Don't know why. And the HPN-SSH patch should be applied after the OpenSSL patch? I'm not too familiar with patching. Did you manage to apply both patches and build OpenSSH? I configured HPN-SSH successfully on my home and VPS servers running Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, and the performance is amazing, compared to stock SSH. I can fully max out my ISP upload, I have download speed over remote locations of around 10 MB/s, while on stock SSH it was 1-2,5 MB/s max. I'm using aes128-cb cipher now, but no noticeable difference with most ciphers. If a depreciated arcfour cipher is used, then it will give way less stress on SoC, still maintaining encryption, but not too secure. However, it depends on the use case, I stream hts from Tvheadend and want to keep some level of encryption on the stream and server-client communication. But I really struggle of how to compile HPN-SSH on Armbian, and now I messed up the system and have no access (and it is on a remote location). Yeah, one should never mess with system like this on remote, non-VPS system:)
  5. Hi, I'm running a NEO2 with Ubuntu at a remote location, so watchdog would be very important to have. Didn't use it before, but afaik H5 SoC supports hardware watchdog. How should I turn it on and do I need to install and configure anything? I read about H3, but not sure about H5. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Igor. I will make a test and see (don't have access to the device now). I read a lot and some say it might brake, some say it wont.
  7. Hi, running Armbian Ubuntu on Nanopi Neo2 and it is working really great. I would like to implement HPN-SSH but I can't compile any of the OpenSSH versions against OpenSSL 1.1.x present on system. Any idea if OpenSSL 1.1.x can be safely downgraded to the latest OpenSSL 1.0.x release? I would use for example the method described here Not sure if OpenSSL 1.0.x would break anything on the system or not? Thanks for your help and advise!
  8. So it is included in stable, not next or dev? Excellent news, thank you very much, again. I can wait, not in a hurry at all. Important is that it is fixed!
  9. @Igor So much thanks! It is really appreciated. To which kernel version should I upgrade on Ubuntu in armbian config?
  10. @martinayotte Many thanks, that sounds really good! The link for the patch can be found here: Link1 Link2 Link3 All three links are for the same patch, just different forums. It is a very long awaited patch. Not sure when it is going to be finally in mainline kernel. The community is extremely mad because more than a year ago a bad commit broke a long time working set of devices (which was of course quickly added to the kernel) and rendered the best and most stable devices useless (after working rock stable for many years). Now that finally there is a patch that fixes this, many users applied this patch to for example kernel 4.20.1 (but it can be any kernel, like 4.20.2 too) and up and running. My problem is that I just don't know how to build a lets say 4.20.2 Ubuntu Bionic kernel with the patch applied for my NEO2. If you could do it I can test it, or if you give me some hint I will do it. Perhaps you can also add this patch to your build environment, than on the next DEV build it will be already working for everybody interested. EDIT: it is safe to add, even LibreELEC added it to their media build. And in my view it is not support for 3rd party hardware but something that is already supported in mainline kernel for a long time, but got broken, now fixed.
  11. Thanks for your reply! This DVB dongle is well-supported in kernel since 3.x, but there was a commit that broke everything (two popular tuners used by most of the LE community). The patch has been committed upstream and will be in 4.20+ kernel soon, and finally fix these cards which were working perfectly fine. The struggle goes from 4.10+ versions. For example, LibreELEC new beta will already include this patch in their media build, actually they got this fixed. Just to understand, if the patch will be included in one of the upcoming 4.20 kernels, then it will be for Armbian too, correct? I still don't get it how can I build, for example kernel 4.20 and add the patch, for Ubuntu Armbian? Is this actually possible?
  12. I just got a Nanopi NEO2 512MB, installed Armbian Ubuntu Bionic. It works fine, except for the DVB-T/C stick. It is affected by Kernel 4.10+ problems. I wonder if I can downgrade to an older kernel, like 4.4.0 for example, where everything works perfectly? If yes, how? There is a patch that perhaps would resolve the problem, how could I apply this patch to an of the available releases of Armbian? This patch Please, help me with this. Many thanks!
  13. Hi, I just ordered a NEO2 that I intent to use as a Tvheadend backed. Actually will use two at different locations, the problem is with the kernel bug affecting the DVBSky S960 DVB-S2 USB tuner since a kernel commit in 4.10rc1 Luckily, this has been fixed recently, and there is a patch as well. The patch has been submitted for upstream devs LINK And LibreElec also included the patch and will be fixed (finally) in their next beta LINK I wanted to ask if it is possible to include this patch to Armbian kernel (maybe a beta or nightly) in order to make DVBSky S960 work? Many thanks!