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  1. Thank you very much for the quick feedback ! That solves this topic I think.
  2. Hellow, I would like to report an issue with Orange Pi PC+ I tried to run the board with a manually built image (with kernel version 'next' and 5.71). While in the past I was able to create Wifi hotspots without any issues, with a new image I encountered weird issues where the hotspot was listed from Wifi clients, but trying to connect triggered some scarry traceback such as this one : Having no idea what I was doing, after trying a few other things, I tried downgrading the kernel to 5.70 (using - this did not solve the issue - and then to 5.67 for which it was working as expected ! I don't know if this is something that can be solved upstream somehow ... Naively it sounds related to the 8189fs module (driver for the Wifi chip ?) but not really sure as I don't understand so much all the driver and kernel stuffs
  3. I believe that you can do the following to generate the locale en_US.UTF-8 on the system : sed -i 's/^# *\(en_US.UTF-8\)/\1/' /etc/locale.gen && locale-gen
  4. Edit: Uh i guess it should be in the "Development" section instead ... but I can't find how to move the topic :s Hellow, thank you very much for all the work achieved by the Armbian project. I am using Armbian to build images (using ) that I provide to users, with custom packagers installed via userpatches and it works pretty well ! However, the whole "kernel compiling" thing is quite mysterious to me and I don't really understand it. My questions are : - I am confused by the whole "default", "next" and "dev" terminology ? I am guessing this is some sort of stable / testing / unstable, but not sure ... Is using "next" okay ? Is "next" less stable than "default" ? - Most of the building time is spent compiling the kernel image. I am guessing that this is needed at some point, because boards have specificities and the kernel must be patched to handle each of them correctly (?). But for my use case, I am not really interested in compiling the kernel myself, I would rather use the stuff already available in Armbian's repo ( directly. So : is there any way I could disable the build of the kernel and just use "official" builds when building my images ? That in fact goes beyond just the kernel I believed, as I saw some packages like "armbian-firmware" are flagged as "local". Sorry if these questions are already addressed somewhere obvious ... I've been trying to find answers to those elsewhere but couldn't find anything :/ Cheers !