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  1. Good afternoon. I have a version with DDR3 4Gb. OS - FriendlyCore + Mate desktop. YouTube full screen 1080 no problem at all. Armbian doesn't work like that ...
  2. Hello. Suddenly, the manufacturer introduced a new case for the M4 for purchase ... It seems good and not expensive, given the rich set. Product Link -
  3. Meanwhile, we had a big review of a single-board PC, the M4 is in the review. And its characteristics are not even bad, compared to competitors.
  4. I hope this never happens. It was still not enough to put this demonic operating system on an excellent board.
  5. This is a new hat - PCIe to USB 3.0 x4 HAT LINK
  6. To maintain interest in the board, I will post some of my photos and videos.
  7. Good day. First try for Python 2: $ sudo easy_install-2.7 wiringpi-2.44.4-py2.7-linux-aarch64.egg I understand that you need the 3rd Python, but still ...
  8. The long-awaited fee on the M4, in the form of a plate. NVME SSD Adapter for M4 No price yet, write to WiKi
  9. So check on the other bus ... root@rockpi:~# i2cdetect -y 2
  10. Good day. I had a question - why not Ubuntu Core? I don't like the Xfce environment. Of course, it can be removed, until it is not so convenient if it were a clean Core. I don't like Debian Core.
  11. The main result is obtained. The rest is a matter of refinement and customization. Successful experiments and decent results. And do not forget to share your results, it is very interesting. And if there are photos - it is generally gorgeous!
  12. And if you try Python 2? sudo easy_install-2.7 wiringpi-2.44.4-py2.7-linux-aarch64.egg
  13. Do not quit started job! It worked for me - it means it will work for you. Check that these components are installed "python-dev, python-setuptools, python3-dev, python3-setuptools, swig"
  14. You have created the theme "Nano Pi M4 wiringPiSetup () not working", I answered you in it. The link to my GitHub refers to the M4 board. And to answer your question .... I do not even know how ...