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  1. So check on the other bus ... root@rockpi:~# i2cdetect -y 2
  2. Good day. I had a question - why not Ubuntu Core? I don't like the Xfce environment. Of course, it can be removed, until it is not so convenient if it were a clean Core. I don't like Debian Core.
  3. The main result is obtained. The rest is a matter of refinement and customization. Successful experiments and decent results. And do not forget to share your results, it is very interesting. And if there are photos - it is generally gorgeous!
  4. And if you try Python 2? sudo easy_install-2.7 wiringpi-2.44.4-py2.7-linux-aarch64.egg
  5. Do not quit started job! It worked for me - it means it will work for you. Check that these components are installed "python-dev, python-setuptools, python3-dev, python3-setuptools, swig"
  6. You have created the theme "Nano Pi M4 wiringPiSetup () not working", I answered you in it. The link to my GitHub refers to the M4 board. And to answer your question .... I do not even know how ...
  7. It means that you have completed part 1 correctly. Install further on the recommendation of the manufacturer or my instructions. I reinstalled various versions from Armbian and FriendlyCore about 5 times, everything always worked (regarding access to GPIO through Python) the first time.
  8. I don't see much a reason why it shouldn't work on Armbian as well. - On Armbian, it works at the moment.
  9. Read again the sequence of actions ... Perhaps you will see that you first need to put just WirinPi, and only then WirinPi for Python ...
  10. It's simple, look here - And here are modest experiments -
  11. Meanwhile ... a 4x SATA HAT for NanoPi M4 appeared on the market. Hats & Docks Already ordered, I will try. Support is planned by the Armbian?
  12. Good afternoon, dear forum members. I have long had a question about the operation of the PCI-e bus on the M4 card. Who tried to use it? I have an adapter with a PCI-e x1 to PCI-e x16, one that uses a USB 3.0 cable. Theoretically, you need to take 6 pins from the M4 board - PCIE_RX0_P + PCIE_RX0_N + PCIE_REF_CLKP + PCIE_REF_CLKN + PCIE_TX0P + PCIE_TX0N - is this correct? Will there be support for dannyo tires in Armbian? After all, the hat "M4 sata hat" obviously on the way. I also want to connect for example a network card with a PCIe bus or a modem on the same bus.
  13. Hello, friends. Who experimented with GPIO on the M4? Interested in PWM and SPI. SPI I could not include in the official version of Ubuntu from the manufacturer of the board.