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  1. I didn't find any SD image which boots on my device. Besides Armbian I've tested LibreELEC alpha image for RK3328. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with the booting of such devices therefore I've asked if somebody has tested the same box.
  2. If I don't press the button, the box boots to Android. I didn't know it is necessary, but it didn't help. I hope I've used the correct files. I've used the files form here: https://yadi.sk/d/DSO6euzB3ahemo/UBOOT/20180930
  3. I have MX10 PRO: https://www.gearbest.com/tv-box/pp_009678683822.html I wanted to test this image, but I'm not able to boot form SD card. If I hold the recovery button during powering on the box boots to Android system recovery. The recovery button is in the AV socket and must be pressed by a stick. It is similar like the other TV boxes. I've copied the image to the SD card with Ether on Windows and the card is readable in Android on the box, therefore the card and reader are OK. Images for Orange Pi One created same way boot fine therefore the program can cerate bootable images. Did somebody test the image with MX10 PRO? Is my boot procedure wrong?