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  1. Hi. Googling a little, it seems it has been a problem with Firefox in some versions. I wonder if installing PULSE AUDIO I can fix the problem, or it would be interesting a newer Firefox versions. What do you think ? I keep on searching. Maesstrissimo.
  2. Good evening. I am preparing an Orange PI Plus 2 in order to be the first computer for my 8 years old son. The idea is that he could learn Scratch by watching some video tutorials in YouTube The problem is that actually, if you pause a video, and the you want for it to restart, only video does it. Sound doesn't starts again.It remains muted. Then, if you click to watch another video, sound come back. But you loose it again if this second video is also paused. It's a bit annoying. Do you have the same issue ? Best regard. Maesstrissimo.
  3. Hi Because of the Security issue alerted by tkaiser, I've installed the latest available img ( 3.4.112 ), compiled with the WIFI patch in. It works perfect, even with WPA2. Great job, Igor ! Thanks a lot ! Maesstrissimo.
  4. Hi Igor. First of all, thank you for your answer, and thanks for the modifications added to wicd settings as well. I hope test will be satisfying and they will be available soon. Regarding my ethernet issue, OPI+2 doesn't get IP Address neither if LAN wire plugged before boot not if I demand wicd to connect to the wired network once the system launched. Best regards Maesstrissimo
  5. Hi, Igor, and thanks for your answer. Concerning wifi, I have checked that if I open mi home wireless lan, OP+2 connects and gets IP address. But using wpa2 protocol, OPI+2 and router don't understand themselves. But my original question as about Ethernet. I plug the wire in the OPI+2, but it doesn't get IP address. Best regards.
  6. Good evening. I've just installed Armbian in a OPI +2, in a 32 Gb card. The OPI is connected by LAN to my router, in the same way the PC I am using to write this message is. But "Wicd Entwork Manager" says : - "not connected" after "Obtaining IP address" if using wire-default profile. - "done connecting" after "setting IP address " id using a fix IP address setting profile, but in fact, there is no connection. Has anybody faced something like this ? Any idea ? Best regards. maesstrissimo