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    langerma reacted to Rmleonard in Looking to purchase replacement logic board   
    If Helios/Kobol is out of business - What "specs" should I use to define a replacement board - a rockchip 3399 board with the dimensions ?
    Help please -- (I'm getting an increased number of memory errors and of late an increased number of USB faults)

    I'm running (at the moment) - the system as a simple NAS with exported NFS4 volumes - the entire lot of 5 drives are formatted at BTRFS -- I'm working on archiving the data off and once done I'll format all as ext4 and try using simple RAID. 
    Rich Leonard
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    langerma got a reaction from ams.br in pine64: massive date/time clock problem   
    @ams.br seems like your patch works!
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    langerma reacted to ams.br in pine64: massive date/time clock problem   
    at a Linux OS (Armbian recommend Ubuntu), download the latest source of armbian build
    git clone https://github.com/armbian/build.git copy patch file arm_arch_timer.patch to folder userpatches/kernel/sunxi-next (more details in documentation). Run the compile script
    ./compile.sh choose "U-boot and kernel packages", apply.
    choose "Do not change the kernel configuration" for a standard kernel, or "Show a kernel configuration menu before compilation" for customize your kernel (recommended for advanced users), apply
    choose your board
    choose "next"
    apply, and now just have a coffee and wait. After compilation deb packages generated at folder output/debs, copy the deb packages to you Armbian and run dpkg -i *.deb
    more details at https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/
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