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  1. how does it look like now? everything okay? i am thinking of reflashing my old sopines :-) so i can get a modern kernel
  2. @goathunterdo you have the patched debs somewhere? i'd love to have 'em so if you would possibly be so kind as to send me a link
  3. okay, so i will stay on my 4.19.83 until it is confirmed working.
  4. does the sopine work with the new mainline correctly?(clusterboard)
  5. indeed it is: commit 246b6726bab48ea67e560cc41c4122ee5fa35d63 Merge: b3a68c3 26cf7f2 Author: count-doku <> Date: Sat Dec 28 14:51:02 2019 +0100 Merge pull request #1697 from mmriech/fix_dkms Fix DKMS in Armbian
  6. yep i did a git pull beforehand. it appears to happen in current|dev|next
  7. i tried to build the new kernel and by looking throught all the messages i found this: [ warn ] * [l][c] fix-a64-timejump.patch [ failed ] maybe the patch is there but it is not getting applied properly
  8. how can i compile this in my kernel? or are there any packages?