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  1. Ah yes! I was so convinced I would have to use the terminal to get a video to play correctly I didn't even think to look at what was under the Multimedia menu! As you say, Rockchip GST Player does enable fullscreen 4K playback. I'm interested to hear what results people will have with this. I can only play 4K h264 videos for about 10/15 minutes on my 4GB Rock 64 before it reboots itself and thats with a heatsink attached to the CPU and under clocked to 408 Mhz max CPU speed. Are the Renegade boards or any of these Android TV devices using the same chipset more reliable for 4K video playback with gstreamer? Another flaw with the r64 is that USB3 (SSD) drives don't seem to be reliable without external power, bus power does not seem to be quite sufficient for reliable operation. I wonder if the renegade is any better in that respect?
  2. Which player? Have you not tested 4K playback to a 4K display with mpv? If it doesn't work, it should be noted in the README as currently it states all three video players can play 4K video but that isn't true of mpv/rock64.
  3. Double-clicking within the gst-play window does not make it full screen. I found a post by a gstreamer developer saying that its included command line players don't support full screen without resorting to the workarounds Jeff uses. To utililise fullscreen, you would need to use totem. Am I right in saying mpv-gbm can decode 4K videos fine but can only output (up to) 1080? That has been my experience on Rock64, but maybe 4K display output from mpv works on the Renegade? I'm not having any more luck with armbian gstreamer's playback of 4K videos than Libreelec. I have now set the cpufreq gov to conservative and limited the CPU to 408 Mhz but I still struggle to watch 10/15 minutes of 4K video before it reboots. I could well have a faulty board if it is still doing this at 408 Mhz with a heatsink attached, which probably invalidated my warranty, if I still had one. Jeff: Have you managed to play 4K video for longer than 15 / 20 minutes on your rock64 without it crashing, freezing or rebooting mid vid?
  4. I have had to change my CPU governor from ondemand to powersave (by editing /etc/default/cpufrequtils) to increase the stability when playing 4K videos but I don't think that is enough to watch a full movie yet as I'm still experiencing crashes or reboots after 20m or so of use.
  5. Fixed it! I have my 4K clips playing fine with gstreamer (gst-play-1.0) under armbian now! Pretty much all my 4K vids are 29/30 fps but armbian/xfce defaults to setting my display to 60Hz. After changing the display settings to 4K @ 30Hz using the XFCE display settings tool, 4K vids (h264 and h265) play smoothly with no horizontal green lines. I'm relieved it was something simple and I don't have to re-encode everything! As Jeff said, there is no need to pass the --videosink argument, gst-play-1.0 then the filename is enough so maybe that could be changed in the README?
  6. I've been experimenting with handbrake and various h264/h265 video settings today but I've not yet found settings that have produced smooth playback without green lines. Might you have a link to that video or could you possibly upload it somewhere so that I could try the exact same video so I know if its my videos / encoder settings at fault or my hardware, please Jeff? Handbrake isn't ideal anyway as it doesn't really support hardware encoding under Linux. ffmpeg has much better support for hardware encoding. quicksync would seem to be the way to go for Intel users wanting to do lots of / fast h264 encoding.
  7. Totem and Kaffeine, maybe there are others, are both gstreamer-backed media players that should allow for fullscreen playback using the rockchip gstreamer plugin without resorting to the workarounds you mentioned but they may need to be built against the rockchip libraries / packaged especially instead of installing the versions in the regular Ubuntu arm64 repo. Thanks for sharing your workarounds though!
  8. Thanks Jeff! I'm going to experiment with encoding settings and see if I can get smooth playback to work but right now gst-play etc aren't working - I'm getting some error about ion allocator not being found and something about not being able to prepare a gst_openal_sink device. This might've happened because I installed totem but reinstalling the media scripts base and gstreamer stuff hasn't fixed it so looks like I'll have to reinstall armbian. Have you been able to get videos playing in proper full screen mode with gstreamer or do you still have the window title bar showing and/or desktop panel showing?
  9. Jeff R: That's great to hear that you have got 4K playback working with gstreamer on the r64 but I need more info about your 4K h264 file. Last night I used handbrake to try converting some of my problematic videos to see if it would help. The h265 transcode showed less green horizontal lines than the different h264 file I created but playback was still problematic with both. Could you please install mediainfo and run it on your 4K h264 file so I can see the full details and try to replicate them? Thanks
  10. You recommend fullscreen playback for videos but it seems that both gst-launch-1.0 and gst-play-1.0 don't support proper fullscreen playback so we need to get something like totem working. I just tried running totem with the armsoc driver and this scripts gstreamer packages and when I try to start totem I get the error: libGL error: unable to load driver: rockchip_dri.so I have tried running totem prefixing it like so: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/libmali-gbm:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH totem but that didn't help, nor did creating a symbolic link from rockchip_dri.so to libmali.so
  11. I got the glamor driver 'working' for long enough to test with gstreamer but it didn't work at all - it complained about a missing device so it definitely seems armsoc is the way to go for r64 users. I also ran glmark2-es2 when running glamor and although it seemed to detect the driver, the framerate was rock bottom (geddit?), much lower than running with the llvmpipe software driver.
  12. I wonder if its the codec used by my MP4s thats causing problems? Could you give me the mediainfo output or a link to a 4K h264 video that plays fine (at 4K) for you under gstreamer rk3328 please JMCC? Ideally you'd also tell me how to transcode to the preferred format with ffmpeg or whatever too but I should be able to work that bit out if you don't know. The h264 MP4 vids I'm trying to play play fine under Libreelec on the rock64 and under mpv on my laptop but I've never had libreelec (r64) run for more than 15m or so before it crashes or restarts. Overheating issues? Maybe my r64 is faulty or maybe ALL r64s are faulty? I have already attached a heatsink and I'm using an official PSU.
  13. I have tried the glamor driver now and its highly unstable on my rock64 4GB. It lasts less than 5 seconds after showing the XFCE desktop before it crashes.
  14. I can reply to posts now but the text entry box for writing replies on this forum is buggy and sometimes newlines don't work, under Firefox 64.0/Linux at least.
  15. Thanks for working on this JMCC! I have tested 1.0 of this script on my 4 GB rock 64. The script successfully got the X driver installed so that OGLES works accelerated by the Mali driver under Armbian bionic but I was unable to get any of the video players to work properly, at 4K anyway. Does playback of 4K h264 videos @4K res work on the renegade with mpv-gbm because it doesn't on the rock64? r64 4k playback with mpv-gbm only works when output at 1080/FullHD. Trying to play 4K @4K results in very jerky playback and lots or horizontal green bars so this limitation should be added to the README / 1st post here. Did you say elsewhere that 4K playback with mpv is possible under Wayland on RK3328? I'd love to see support for that added to this script or a guide to setting that up. gstreamer, when ran like so: $ gst-play-1.0 --videosink=rkximagesink video.mp4 Suffers the same issue as mpv-gbm - very jerky playback with lots of horizontal green bars. I also tried --videosink=kmssink from a VT but that complained about a missing library and so didn't work at all. kodi-gbm-wrapper was the only kodi binary I could get to run of the 3 included in the kodi package this script installs but it is even more unstable than libreelec, crashing or rebooting after only a few seconds so I was unable to play any videos with kodi. The first time I ran the script I ran it as a normal user because I hadn't read the readme. It seemed to be running OK at first but my screen went black (X crashed?) part way through installing the gstreamer stuff. I ran it again with the same options but as root and it completed fine. I should note these results are with the armsoc driver, I have not tried the glamor driver yet. Does the choice of driver affect hw accelerated video playback? If so, I'd like to see ths added to the driver description in the installer and in the README. "vsync" doesn't mean anything to non graphics geeks. I am using an official rock64 PSU and I have a heatsink on my r64 CPU.