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  1. Everything worked out. Many thanks. The system boots with eMMC. /dev/mmcblk1p1 575M 94M 481M 17% /boot
  2. And this will not affect the data that may be in the place that will now be occupied by the new uboot?
  3. How to use it? After write to image Armbian_20.05.0_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.6.0-rc4_20200314 no booting from USB.
  4. @balbes150 After the last attempt, everything worked out. Thanks. The system is now loaded from eMMC. Maybe a stupid question, but why did the MAC change? Now this BADGER METER INC. There is no place at all on the boot partition.
  5. I use putty, and now "space" don't working. With normal booting "space" worked. What should be the new file name? I flashed to origin and run "install-aml-s905-emmc.sh" again. Before this i launched ddbr.
  6. I can't booting from USB or SD. I can't pause with uart. How ckecking state partitions?
  7. I installed with "install-aml-s905-emmc.sh" and now get looping black screen. (Tronsmart Vega S95 Pro)
  8. @balbes150 Maybe something can be done installing the system on eMMC with a new kernel? I unbricked my Tronsmart s95 Pro. I can test (now I know how to restore a brick).
  9. 1. No, but i change CPU frequency to 1.5 GHz. You are right, it turns off from overheating. After changing the frequency, the case is barely warm. Turns off even after changing the frequency. 2. I am making a compressed copy, but the script processes 64G anyway. Edit: I lowered the frequency to 1.3 GHz and disconnected the external usb-drive and a backup was created (1.5 Gb). All previous attempts to create a backup external usb-drive was connected and I think the problems were because of this.
  10. Now I only have a 32Gb memory card (on board install 64Gb). When I started the utility, it worked for an hour and then the board stopped responding to the ssh. Can I specify another point where to backup? Edit: Understood, the first parameter is the destination folder. At the same time, the script still swears that there is no space on the SD, but it seems to copy to disk. Edit2: I connected to monitor and trying backup to external USB disk. Always system is freezing. Sometimes system freezing by 20%, sometimes by 70%. I could not backup.
  11. Thanks, 3Gb of RAM available. With the transfer to eMMC, I will wait for a stable release. In your opinion, is it possible to use kernel version 5.5?
  12. Sorry, everything works perfectly (i tried rufus and ImageWriter). Last time i missed this item I run Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.5.1_desktop_20200220: - only 2G ram; - no wi-fi; - youtube freezing and throttling (temp 80 deg); - no poweroff. I want to use tanix as a miniserver and my question is, can I use more memory and can I write armbian to eMMC?
  13. Hello, After I broke my tronsmart, I decided to buy Tanix TX6 (4/64) (I already have orange pi+ 2e and everything works well). I tried to use the latest image with a new mechanism uboot and device does not boot. I use windows and rufus. (and u-boot-allwinner-h6-tanix-tx6.img) I guess that after I write an image with uboot it breaks everything.
  14. I try this and result is the same as that of martinayotte. After this i try install in emmc with script from Armbian_19.11.5_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.5.0-rc6_20200127 and get brick. According to this instruction, it does not work out. https://github.com/150balbes/Amlogic_s905/wiki/s905_Unbrik_Amlogic_S905
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