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  1. My orange pi one is not getting usb 2.0 speeds. The log shows 2.0 in dmesg but when I tested usb data transfer using DD and a flash drive i only got 6MB. Anything I can do to get faster speeds?
  2. Actually I just got it working using this :https://github.com/carl1961/Orange-PI-Lite-Usb-OTG-to-Host
  3. I have a dc barrel jack for powering the unit but how about using the port to have a usb wifi?
  4. I wanted to setup wifi using the on my Orange PI one. I have a rtlsdr in the regular port and want to mount the Orange Pi in a different room without a wired connection. Is it possible to use the usb otg port for that? I can plug in usb storage drives and they are picked up but not the wifi or rtlsdr are picked up when I plug them in.
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