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  1. Its all the same, I am afraid. :'( Armbian_5.74.txt I noticed that in the new kernel the serial port is named ttyAML0 instead of ttyS0 . I tried both occasionally, but it made no difference, still no output. I am assuming that now ttyAML0 is the correct name?
  2. Thanks a lot! Tell us if you need any help.
  3. Result is identical with previous ones. It does not work.
  4. How do I run the new uboot? My box has its internal MMC busted. I have USB Burn tool. Also check out this file I extracted from the Amlogic IMG file. Is it good for anything? dtb_from_amlogic_img_file.txt dtb_from_amlogic_img_file_2.txt
  5. I literally tried all the dtb files in the 5.XX kernel image (plus the one you mentioned meson-gxm-q201-1gb.dtb), and the issue is always the same. I can't really believe that this is related to an improper DTB file, because: 1. In the 3.14 kernel, the gxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb and gxl_p230_2g.dtb worked well. Other dtbs also produced some kind of output over serial console, although they didn't boot completely. 2. So its not like we only had this one single proprietary DTB blob from the manufacturer to begin with, that only works with the 3.XX kernel. 3. Now although there are like 10 DTB files that are compatible and should run, for Ki Pro, Ki Plus, Kii Pro, P230 a, P230 b, etc. etc. - none work? 4. What about the FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND error? I read online, that more or less this relates to some bug in uboot? Excuse my doubts. This is all new to me. Maybe it is a uboot issue?
  6. I also tried different dtbs on the 3.14 kernel .... 3.14 gxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb : works 3.14 gxl_p230_2g.dtb : works 3.14 gxl_p200.dtb: the kernel hangs after outputting one line 4.XX (I tried over a dozen dtbs): nothing works, no output
  7. Ok, so here is the problem ... Note that I was using the meson-gxl-s905d-p230.dtb on the Armbian 5.44 image, and on the 5.73 I was using the meson-gxl-s905d-ki-pro.dtb file. The issue is the same though. Also I tried both ttyS0 and ttyAML0, none worked. @balbes150: So can something possibly be done? Here are the full logs: Mecool_Ki_Pro_boot_sd_card_with_Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_3.14.29_xfce_20180729.img.txt Mecool_Ki_Pro_boot_sd_card_with_Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_4.18.0-rc5_xfce_20180806.img.txt Mecool_Ki_Pro_boot_sd_card_with_Armbian_5.73_Aml-s905_Debian_stretch_default_4.20.2_desktop_20190130.img.txt
  8. @olivluca: Do you have UART console, what did it say? We got to get this working somehow. These new kernels in balbes150 images got all sorts of miracles going, like hardware accel for video. I hope my new UART module arrives today.
  9. You are in total error. Like I said, those files exist in the dtb folder in the images from balbes150 with the 4+ kernels Armbian, and they belong to that kernel. Please check the images yourself, if you are in doubt.
  10. There are all the dtb files for Ki Pro, Kii Pro, Kiii Pro, Ki Plus, p230 in the images provided by balbes150 (see his post in this thread). This is exactly why I am asking about it. I am not trying to do something dumb, like boot without dtb file. They really exist, whereever he got them from. Both the P230 and the Ki Pro dtb ought to work 100%. Mostly all of the mentioned Mecool Boxes' dtb files should possibly work, since they are virtually identical in specs. They only have more or less RAM or don't ship with the DVB module, and stuff like that.
  11. Thanks a lot. I will provide actual UART console output in a few days, when I get a new adapter.
  12. I also tried to boot the images with the 4.XX kernels and it won't work. Only the 3.14 - no issues there. Why is that?
  13. Btw. you need to load all the modules manually, as far as I gathered. Including wifi. Its called ... 8723bs I believe. And yes, it works.
  14. What do you mean by "configure the dtb"? You mean, to copy the appropriate file from the dtbs directory to dtb.img (or use that envini script to point to the right file)? Or something else? Because we already needed to do that on 3.14 kernels.