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  1. yes. when I list my /dev directory, I did not find any sd card. so, when you say "copy rootfs to a usb stick, rename the partitions (e2label)" , do you mean I should copy the rootfs partition of the image file to a usb stick? what about boot partition?
  2. I've got a rk3328 box (h96 max plus) and tried image Armbian_5.72_Rk3328-tv_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_20190123 I tried to burned the image to tf card (sandisk and kingston, FYI) with dd under linux and "balenaEtcher" under windows, but each time,it stopped booting with the same message. the message is like this( more details in screenshot): Being: Running /scripts/local-blocks .,.. done Gave up waiting for root file system device. ... Alert! LABEL=ROOTFS dose no exist. Dropping to a shell btw.