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  1. Thank you for so useful post! It take few days to understanding this all. So i have no any positive news about non-transcode methods - then i correctly installed Emby and tvheadend plugin. My odroid still use >150% when i swtich channel on my TV. Don't understand where i can make mistake. May be iam choosing some wrong codecs i dunno. Also i have problems with a tutorial: i don't know where is correct ffmpeg so i don't know correct way to it
  2. Yes please. Never user tvheadend before but heard about it. I am waiting for courier with odroid hc2. I have a plans to use it as home nas with OMV on a board. Also i have rpi3b+ with libreelec. - One of my LG TV have 10+ sec buffering after each switch channel when i use iptv playlist from my ISP. Other "free" iptv playlist's working fine and buffering only 1sec. I think this is because my ISP using mpeg and other sources using HLS. So i search a way to fix that. *other devices working good with isp playlist. As i can see tvheadend and emby both can be installed to
  3. Hello. Is there any way to convert iptv from my internet provider from MPEG flow to HLS "on the fly" to my local network? I want to use some sbc for that mission.