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  1. Hi Igor, aaaargh, I've already checked this page before but was too fast and didn't see the touch display. Sorry for inconvenience and many thanks for your answer and hint!!! Just ordered the 7" display ;-) Can I use the mainline or do I have to use the legacy image for it? Best regards, Jochen
  2. Hi all, I'd like to use a touch display together with my cubietruck. Research shows displays for all other boards but not for cubietruck :-( Isn't there any touch display out there which works with cubietruck? Do I really have to change system to raspberry or something else? Thanks for your help and best regards, cibomato
  3. Hi Igor, thanks for your answer. Upgrade to Xenial didn't work either but now I've set up a whole new system image. Cheers, Jochen
  4. Maybe I'll just do a whole new setup with latest image...
  5. Hi, haven't touched my system for quite a long time, now I'm running into problems while trying to uprade system: Err trusty/main armhf Packages 404 Not Found ... W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80] E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. E: Couldn't rebuild package cache
  6. Up&running again. Next time, it goes right into the trashbin...
  7. Did a powercycle after proper shutdown. Didn't come up afterwards. Pretty sure now, that it's a hardware issue (sd card or cubietruck).
  8. apt-get install linux-u-boot-next-cubietruck it's actually apt-get install linux-u-boot-cubietruck-next Yeah, that did the trick! I'm on kernel 4.2.3 now! And all the other errors (iptables) also went away! You're the best, Igor! Thank you very much! [Edit]: Damn! After Powercycle got stuck again with my boot problem described in other post:
  9. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade ran through smoothly and yesterday some other packages where updated successfully (...libc...), so I assume that the package base shouldn't be corrupted. Otherwise this wouldn't have worked? But running: root@seafile:/# wget -qO - | bash Image Name: Created: Tue Oct 20 12:03:57 2015 Image Type: ARM Linux Script (uncompressed) Data Size: 1753 Bytes = 1.71 kB = 0.00 MB Load Address: 00000000 Entry Point: 00000000 Contents: Image 0: 1745 Bytes = 1.70 kB = 0.00 MB Reading package lists... Done Building dependenc
  10. Ok, I ran the script again with system up&running again. Now it doesn't delete kernel but also doesn't upgrade anything. Maybe that's because running apt-get update results in ... Ign trusty/main Translation-en ... ? Armbian.key was added...
  11. Hmmm, tried the upgrade script again but it doesn't upgrade anything. Doesn't delete stuff any more but stays on old kernel 4.1.6!?
  12. [sOLVED] Ok, don't know, what have caused the problem but after - installing 4.2-image on sd - doing sata-install on fresh hdd - booting from sd with old hdd system comes up! Seems to be f***ed-up somehow (iptables and some other complain, I have to look into it...) but it's up & running again. Although: Seems that system still was on kernel 4.1.6, although I did the update-stuff with new update-script. Have to try this again.
  13. Igor, could you please tell me where to download the 4.3 image for trusty-next-cubietruck (Ionly found the single files but that doesn't seem to work)? [Edit]: Ok, guessed the right download-link ;-) Background: - installed latest 4.5 image on sd - did sata-install on fresh hdd - tried to boot with newsd+old hdd (with all my data on it) -> didn't work because during boot process e.g iptables complains about wrong kernel Thanks and best regards, Jochen
  14. Good to hear. Do you think this was related to the updatescript problem?
  15. Thank you. While downloading the packages I retrieve errors from Trying again, answers and works. Is this some round-robin and could this be related to the above problem?
  16. Hi Igor, while trying to reproduce/fixing my boot problem, I stumbled across some weird things regarding your new update script. I've put a complete new image on sd-card only (Armbian_4.5_Cubietruck_Ubuntu_trusty_4.2.3) which works fine, boots and reboots. Then I've tried to use your update script which I called via: wget -q -O - | bash with the letter O and a blank between the minus and http, is this correct? First strange thing I noticed is, that it starts but doesn't run through completely. It ends with this output: Don't think that this shou
  17. Hi Igor, instead of installing a whole new system in parallel, I'd first like to try your 'unbrick-mechanism' as described under Documentation. I'm just wondering whether I'll need only the 4 files you mention in 'How to unbrick the sytem' or in addition the headers and especially the u-boot, as you mention here: ? If I'd need also the u-boot, could you please tell me the URL to it, since I couldn't locate it. Thanks and best regards, Jochen
  18. Thanks Igor! I'll try to setup whole new working system on a new sd card, do the sata install to a new hdd and then try to use the new sd card with my existing hdd. Maybe that'll do it. BTW, it wasn't 4.1 but 4.3, I've upgraded from but nevertheless it's strange.
  19. Yes, boot is on sd, everything else on hdd. Survived some reboots before. I upgraded from ubuntu trusty 4.1 image / vanilla kernel. Was it the 4.2 kernel? I used wget -q -O - | bash to upgrade to the 4.5 image (did this already some weeks before in order to update to the 4.1 image.) Is this the right procedure, to run this again? Or should I have just use apt-get upgrade? Seems that it didn't do anything, but i'm not sure. So after that I ran apt-get update && apt-get upgrade Also didn't seem to do much (maybe beause I have automatic upgrade
  20. Hi, after trying to upgrade to new image 4.5 (don't know whether this was successful...) and reboot, my cubietruck get's stucked: What could have happened? Is this the same problem, some others describe here or totally different? Seems like it doesn't find 'a boot file'!? What does this mean? Bootloader is on sd, root etc. on hdd. Thanks and best regards, Jochen
  21. Yes, it solves the problem. Didn't expect it to be so easy ... Thank you!!!
  22. After upgrading, I do also see only 1 cpu-core in htop. But I'm not running a rpi but a cubietruck. Any idea here? Is there something similar, I could do? Thanks and best regards, Jochen
  23. Don't know what's gently with "Again, Igor!!" but maybe I got this wrong, then sorry! Regards, cibomato
  24. Hey man, keep cool! Or did you pay thousands of dollars for an 24*7 5hr-response-time platinum support? Then go ahead. Think, we are all appreciating the very great work, Igor is doing here! And since we're not paying for it (I have spent via paypal, have you?), we will just have to wait, until things are ready. No harm meant! cibomato