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  1. Worked! Although the cubie ran very stable over the last few weeks with 4.0.5 already. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for fast reply! Just to understand this: are you 'stability fixes' included in the kernel upgrade?
  3. Hi Igor, I've read about your latest image and I'd like to obtain the stability fixes you've made. Is there a way to get this without doing a whole fresh installation? Idoubt that an aptitude upgrade will bring me these changes!? Thanks and best regards, Jochen
  4. Thank you! So I'll delete the commit=600.
  5. Hi, I'm using an hdd at my cubietruck and moved the root-fs to hdd. Now I'm wondering, whether it would be better, to change the commit settings in /etc/fstab to a lower value than 600? I assume, the 600 was meant for data on a flash storage in order to reduce the writes on it!? But in order to keep "things in sync", shouldn't I better reduce it? Or delete the whole commit option? What do you mean? Thanks and best regards, Jochen
  6. Sorry that my solution didn't work for you. I'm not sure whether I'd like to risk my system by wantonly brick it again. Maybe I won't be able to recover it then.
  7. If it's the same problem than by me, after booting up debian-3.8-wheezy-3.4.107 (or whatever system works) you should first make shure, that the system date&time is correct: date If it's not correct, you can set it with: date -s "26 JUN 2015 19:20:21" and control once again with date, that it's correct now. After that, you should check date&time of the hwclock: hwclock --show If it's not correct (or you do it anyway), you can set the hwclock date&time to the system date&time via: hwclock --systohc --localtime and doublecheck afterwards once again with hwclock --show
  8. Yep. At least that was the solution for my problem.
  9. GOT IT !!! It was the f***ed-up rtc indeed! Let me explain: I simplified my experiment from above: - installed debian-3.8-wheezy-3.4.107 --> ok (eth0 is ok, ping works) - survives reboot / halt and power-on / halt and dis-/reconnect power --> everything ok Then upgrade to kernel 4.0.5 as described in your faq and then: - reboot --> System boots till login screen (!!!) but eth0 isn't set up! No ping possible! dmesg | grep rtc 2085-06-25 (NOT ok) date Fr 20. Mai 13:37:52 CET 1949 (NOT ok) hwclock --show hwclock: The Hardware Clock registers contain values that a
  10. Could this have something to do with the problem? See also: In the german cubieboard-forum I've found that cubietruck changes MAC at every reboot (which I nearly can't believe...?):
  11. As far as I understood, bootloader always has to stay on sdcard or nand, so therefore you have to let the sdcard inserted even if root-fs is on hdd/sdd!? So that should be ok. Or didn't I get you right? Debian-3.8-wheezy-3.4.107 is also the only image working for me. @Igor: I did powercycle the cubietruck completely (plug-off and back in the powerchord). Same effect as Ctrl/Alt/Del. x.4.0.5 nor 4.1 does boot. How to enter u-boot commandline? I'd like to try resetting date and time before booting. But when I press a key in order to interrupt autmatic booting, nothing happens!? Afte
  12. @lampra: what about you? Have you guys tried other images? Which one works? For me the only image that boots is Debian-3.8-wheezy-3.4.x @Igor: What could be the difference between the working and non-working images besides the kernel?
  13. Nope, Debian-4.0-whezzy-4.1 doesn't boot either.... Same as above: DHCPDISCOVER takes less than a second (!?) and then it says: - Unable to set up timer: unexpected error - Failed to bring up eth0 Then some seconds later it hangs forever at "Enabling ramlog....." One more idea: could my problems come from power supply? I've got a 5V/2,5A-USB-Power-Supply. Could this be to weak with sata-hdd attached? Will try it while sata-hdd deattached... [Edit]: with hdd deattached and w/o keyboard --> still the same...
  14. Besides the fixed ip It was only updates/upgrades since all the other images didn't boot. Went all fine, even the dristribution upgrade. Survived reboots. But then the kernel upgrade seem to have broken it. I'll try the new 4.1 tonight. Thank you!
  15. Seems like Kernel 4.0.5 causes the problem, regardless if it's wheezy or jessie. Here's what I did: - copied/installed Debian-3.9-wheezy-3.4.107 --> ok - moved root to hdd --> ok - apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade --> ok - Upgrade to Jessie as described in the faq --> ok - configured fixed ip --> ok So, then I am on Jessie with Kernel 3.4.107 now. Everything is fine, also after a reboot. But then I updated the kernel as described in the faq to 4.0.5. After the next reboot it hangs: Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)!
  16. It's very strange because like I posted above, this same image already has worked for the same (my) cubietruck and the system was up for the last 9 days. LAN worked fine. Now I messed up the system somehow and therefore I decided to do a complete clean reinstall from scratch again (copy image to sdcard, boot and write root partition to hdd). But now I encounter this problem. That's why I was asking, whether the image has changed since then (downloaded it again yesterday). But if image and hardware are still exactly the same, something else must have happened!? I don't understand too,
  17. Have you changed something in the debian-3.9-wheezy-4.0.5-image between June 11th and today? I had to re-setup my cubietruck from scratch and therefore I downloaded the same (?) image (which worked before) again, copied it to sdcard and fired the cubie up: now it hangs again but at a different position: right at the beginning it says: "warning - bad CRC, using default environment" I'm not sure, whether this has something to do with my boot-problem? Short time later the DHCPDISCOVER takes less than a second (!?) and then it says: - Unable to set up timer: unexpected error - Fail
  18. Hi Igor, Debian-3.9-wheezy-4.0.5 is up & running...! Thank you very much for that fast bugfix! Cheers, Jochen
  19. Thanks for your great work and fast response! I'll wait.
  20. Hi, I've tried to set up my new cubietruck with Igor's Debian-3.8-wheezy-4.0.4 image but first, it can't bring up eth0 and then gets stuck at restarting sshd. Tried rebooting and powercycling 4-5 times, always the same... Any ideas? Or should I use another image or kernel? If yes, which one? Many thanks and best regards, cibomato