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  1. This is the output. At this time, patch the error by deactivating the launch using cron -> sudo mv /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim/etc/cron.weekly/fstrim.bak but I need to run fstrim without the system stopping, to keep it operational and healthy as long as possible.
  2. When the system call # /sbin/fstrim --all the process enters intermittent sleep, and all the following processes gradually obtain the same state. In crontab it appears as a task of the # fstrim -v / system, the same command if I do it manually also has the same result of never ending and blocking the other processes little by little until the system is totally blocked. Can it be disabled? As a check that is compatible with the microsd? Any recommendation?
  3. Hello everyone. I'm new to Armbian. If I do not restart or turn off by command (correctly) all the files generated or transferred since it was turned on are deleted immediately. Why? Is it normal in Armbian? I use Orange Pi Win Plus 2, how do I deactivate that functionality? I use it as a remote server.