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  1. Alright, thanks, looks like I'll buy the opi one+ a usb wifi dongle, May you guys suggest me one that will work and possibly fit in the plastic casing? Also, as cheap as possible (Doesn't have to fit, but It'd be good)
  2. Hi, so I asked a question about monitor mode for a board that doesn't even have wifi onboard, what a pity... I've looked into it more, and I was wondering if these boards will support it (they have onboard wifi) Orange pi zero h2 Orange pi zero plus h5 Or do I have to opt for the more expensive Opi zero plus2? Sorry for bothering, I'm quite a noob, haha.
  3. It said onboard network as for ethernet, not for wifi, haha i'm stupid... Will get the zero plus 2 h3 after doing some more research about monitor mode on that, thanks guys, I don't want to open another thread, so I'll ask here, does it support monitor mode (Opi zero plus2)???
  4. Hello, I'm new to the Pi computers and all that, and I'm planning on doing a project, so I was wondering if the Opi One H3 would support packet injection and monitor mode on Armbian with the onboard wifi? Thanks in advance.