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  1. Yes it is a mystery, why omv + armbian sees the SSD and the simple armbian without application does not see it?
  2. I tested that SO too and I do not see my ssd. I installed OMV 4 Banana Pi Pro and everything is ok "sees" my ssd,but after the whole system moves to ssd, they can not do anything from the administration interface. My project is the following: I want to install OMV on a 500Gb ssd, and on microsd just boot.
  3. I have a minimum 3A source and I attach the pictures and I did not connect anything to the OTG
  4. It is powered directly from the motherboard socket, any other specific operating system works perfectly no longer this armbian does not work. What are you advising me?
  5. Howdy, i installed the latest version of the armbian on Banana Pi Pro and i do not find my 32gb ssd The Armbian I got from here: https: //dl.armbian.com/bananapi/archive/ Thanks in advance.
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