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  1. @TonyMac32, @sfx2000, @NicoD, @JMCC, @Tido Thanks everybody for all the advice and opinions, it's a minefield out there! ......perhaps I should wait for a the RadpberryPi 4! Going to keep my eye of the NanoPi.
  2. Hey JMC. Thanks very much for this. Id read that SD corruption was an issue with the XU4 so was thinking of spending a little more to get emmc support. I'm up for seeing if the NanoPi M4 matures (and therefore getting the benefot of the 4gb ram) and the cost of the tinkerboard has dropped in UK to sub £80. I've not heard of the Ameridroid so will check out.....
  3. Hello Folks I'm after some advice. I've been an avid user of Raspberry Pi's for some time and just love how good they are for tinkering around with without breaking my larger main system, helps me learn all the time. I've recently started using my Raspberry Pi (3b+) to automate several task. I have three mono and two python services running, well I say running...... Essentially if any more than two of these need to process data together the pi can't cope. Top command tells me RAM usage is often 90-100% and the CPU running at between 115-130% before system starts to error out and SSH becomes inaccessible. I feel like I need a device with more grunt and more memory but the plethora of devices out these to chose from makes it really hard to decide. So far I can't make up my mind between: Banana Pi M3 Odroid XU4Q Asus Tinkerboard S NanoPi M4 Can anybody help me with some advice? Ideally I want something stable....around the £40-£80 mark. Can run a familiar is such as raspbian, Debian, Ubuntu, armbian.......