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  1. note to self. after a reboot the module wouldnt load. gave me an " Unknown symbol in module " error. I have to first load the cfg80211 module before 8188ee module, then it works again.
  2. Thanks to jock's advise I got the wifi working! Since the patch didnt work for me I used the github module, compiled it for the 4.20 kernel. It did not compile in a pretty way, I had to edit the ioctl_cfg80211.c cause of error related to get_boottime and then I had to create two new files, rtl8188ee_xmit.c and rtl8188ee_recv.c which I just cloned from rtl8189es_recv.c and rtl8189es_xmit.c. Then it finally finished the compile and insmod worked fine and I got wifi working via the 8188ee module. I do get some error "8188ee: module PLT section(s) missing" but it works ok. Next step is to finish my NAND experiments
  3. Yes I am pretty sure this is a NAND chip. its marked SanDisk x428107001 sdtnrgama-008g hncy151022. I tried shortening out the pins on it trying to get some response. Only response I got was a tiny spark from the pins. Maybe it is just completely dead. I will continue testing it.
  4. thanks for your reply jock I will try building an image with the module using the default kernel. Tried the patch last night but it didnt work, probably my bad, I am not very experienced in applying kernel patches. I am still working on the nand controller. I havent had any more success though.
  5. Hello everybody. Finally I have signed up for the forum. Been reading here for awhile but never really had a reason to signup until now. I got a tv-box the other day which I have been playing around with. I dont have much experience working with the arm64 architecture, I have mostly been playing around with ultrasparc and the mainline architectures. I have no problem getting the system to boot and work but I cannot get all the boards features to work so my OCD is not allowing me to let this pass without exploring all options. The box in question is a s905x MXQ Pro 4K. It has 1gb memory, rtl8189etv wifi chip and what I think is a nand chip rather then a emmc module. Does anybody have any experience with these boxes? I am using custom armbian-built kernel, Linux aml 5.0.0-rc5-next. I cannot get the wifi chip to activate, tried just about everything but no go. Tried various different dtb but it never pops up. This is not a real issue for me since I do prefer cable-connection rather then wifi but I would like to be able to get it running. Maybe I have to modify the dtb but I am not quite sure where to start in that process. Then there is the nand chip. I have very little experience working with there kind of devices. I just cant get any proper, stable signal from that. I honestly am not even sure how I would get it running. I assumed I just needed to mount it like any other storage or mtd-device but I get nothing in /dev nor /proc. I know there is no android there anymore, probably the chip is empty, is there not a way for me to format and use this chip? even if it is slower then a sdcard I would be interested in trying to abuse it alittle. I did manage to see the first partition the other day but I was working on a s912 and orangepi zero plus at the same time so I cannot for the life of me remember how I did that. I think it was through mtd-utils. All I remember is that is was 128mb in size. I cannot get any signal from the board if I connect it to a computer. I did try to flash an android image to the box but I got no response. I tried using a toothpick and tried shortening the nand chip but still got nothing. I have been using the meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb, I have tried a few other dtb's but there has been no success in getting the forementioned modules to work. armbianmonitur -u output = http://ix.io/1Az2 here is a photo of the board = https://imgur.com/a/ApvzAfq Any help would be appreciated.