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  1. (i did his on a lepotato with a 64gb sandisk extreme a2 u3)and was on wifi and bluetooth with armbian config so i had a few questions and if someone is willing and had the time to check it out i dont know what i did exactly and i know this isn't a support use case but anyways i wanted newer packeges then whats in debian stable and ubuntu and me fight alot lol debian testing is pretty stable right now so i updated the sources.list to buster and i did NOT change the armbian repository , then i did the usual sudo apt update , -dist upgrade, that updated 380 packeges it asked me wither or not to (Y) use new mainterners version or (N) for current i proceded to use (Y) for each one it then asked me to use maintainers, use current or to combined 3, so i chose (Y) For i dont know what im doing lol i noticed the boot takes about 5 times normal but counted to configure lxqt then played in plasma desktop and im trying to learn and is currently using i3wm using lightdm autologin greeter all the 3 desktops worked better then expected using minimal configurations i didnt got anyboot errors that i can find but i am noob i didnt know if i did anything wrong when it was asking what to use and i didnt know if there were any optimization tricks for video playback or simple 2d n 3d games