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  1. I have seen many problems with the Rock64 v3 in the last few days. Many customers have told me that existing Rock64 images suddenly no longer boot in v3. We have verified this and found that apparently v3 can not cope with many SD cards. The booting of eMMC goes without problems. If a customer has bought a new v3 and nothing works, contact us, we will send you an emmc card for the purchase price without any profit.
  2. PINE64 PINE-H64_lpddr3_v1_2-20181211.pdf Here is the schematic plan. Have fun
  3. I ordered a schematic - please be patient.
  4. It's new year holidays in china .... The H64 mod. B is awaresome, you will love the SBC Feel free to contact me - Belgium is no problem.
  5. as give away .... for developing ... to support the ARMBIAN Project ;-) Have fun! Feel free to contact me:
  6. Hello community, I got some brand new Pine H64 Model B this week. Anyone interested in a free test device? Markus