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  1. i just tested on my mk802iv clone with rk3188T. I just dd image onto an sd card, didnt mess with the dtb or config. it just boot and work. so yeah Im still looking for my RK stick, & will let you know as soon as i tested it.
  2. Great work. Currently still running building, so i dont know if it will work. building for a while now & ill leave it for the night 😴. Just a suggestion, I see that my terminal is showing its building for all canon printer models. (see screenshot) In the future it would be nice if a specific model can be chosen instead of all model, to save time. Goodnight.
  3. yeah i ald did it in my previous post. and i have moved on now working on finding a way to boot armbian on an old rk3188 pc stick.
  4. yeah. its still usable. so ill leave it as is until broken. lolz
  5. i just did a apt dist-upgrade switch all apt list to buster, rebooted and..... ___ ____ _ _____ / _ \| _ \(_) |__ /___ _ __ ___ | | | | |_) | | / // _ \ '__/ _ \ | |_| | __/| | / /| __/ | | (_) | \___/|_| |_| /____\___|_| \___/ Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) with Linux 5.8.16-sunxi No end-user support: unsupported (stretch) userspace! why am i still on stretch user space? what did i do wrong?
  6. Yeah mos def. luckily its just a print server. not much to backup. may be the upgrade it self that is not supported, rather than the user space. oh well i'll just take the plunge and see whats what.
  7. i see, i guess its time to upgrade the distro too. its next on my to do list. just trying to avoid bricking my sbc. Thx.
  8. I'm on a years old Orange pi zero H2, an often forgotten single purpose print/scan server board. So i want to upgrade to the latest kernel via armbian-config->system->other(switch kernel). Previously its on 4.19. so when i tried to change to current 5.8.16, 5.8.14, 5.8.12 & 5.8.5, i got "No end-user support: unsupported (stretch) userspace!" it has taken me an hours plus just switching kernel, hoping to find the supported ones. though i dont mind unsupported / legacy kernel, i still prefer the latest supported ones. Is any of the kernel on the list supported? if there none on the list, is there a way to add a supported kernel? or change back to 4.19?
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