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  1. On Kernel 5.14 no trip_point_4_temp file is available, only 0 and 1, has this changed or is the fan control not enabled for this kernel ? RG
  2. Yes the GPU Benchmark for example must be taken with doubts, it shows a result from ~255fps with glmark2 and --off-screen rendering switch with fbdev drivers on XU4 and 285fps on N1 and 305fps on N2, but the XU4 was able to do the same test with X11 drivers and 1200fps, but we do not have X11 drivers for N2, but from my experience the N1 and XU4 was relatively equal when it comes to real live gaming / emulation tests, maybe slightly better and not so stressed out like the XU4 with the same tasks in terms of temperature, also the Mali-G52 GPU is very new (Q1 2018) and maybe not fully supported from software side, so it's too early to make a clear statement.
  3. Well sometimes a very big competitor is buying all the RAM chips and you get out of parts, that's just how it could be and there are a ton of other possibilities that could happen that force you to stop production, again if HK says that the parts run suddenly out then you can be sure that HK was doing everything that it's not, but at the end they had to react. And there was also some other reasons H2 was a different story but with some slightly comparable "scenes" with parts that suddenly not available, but this board will be available soon (hopefully)
  4. It was not badly designed, still the N1 is a great board you can trust them when they say it was due to the DDR3 ram and if the new N2 reaches the same temperatures like the N1 does, which was nearly nothing then the heat sink should be easily cool the board and you should never see any throttling
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