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  1. You probably didn't do anything wrong. The only focal I can get to work is the xfce desktop version, the others have an empty boot folder after burning so won't boot.
  2. starman345


  3. Latest image works great. Is there any chance to have boot/rootfs on SD card installed to emmc/nvme via Armbian-config?
  4. I've been running my NanoPC-T4 boot on eMMC system on nvme with the 4.xx kernels via armbian-config It is a lot faster than an SD card or eMMC. Have you noticed boot time with the 5.xx kernels is faster with this setup? With SD card I see bootup times around 60-70 seconds. Thanks for the script, I'll give it a go.
  5. that is what I used to get wifi working. You posted that in another thread a few days(weeks) ago, thanks for that.
  6. Works fine on my NanoPC-T4. Even Bluetooth worked...but no wifi, that was easy to fix. Thanks for your work.
  7. My procedure that works for me: Press boot button and hold, press power button and hold for 4-5 seconds, then release both buttons. If I hold more than about 5 seconds the red power light goes out and I need to start over.
  8. Maybe try a different SD card? Those images you mention boot fine on my NanoPC-T4
  9. @martinayotte thanks! wifi now works on my NanoPC-T4 with kernel 5.4.6
  10. image 20191217 kernel 5.5 works on my NanoPC-T4 except no wifi Ampak AP6356S wifi chip
  11. I have had usb3.0 problems with my NanoPC-T4, close relative of your NanoPi-M4 but not really the same. When using my ZWO ASI294MC pro camera (USB3.0) the first image in any sequence is saved, but then the software goes into a cycle where the countdown continues for the next image, reaches zero but the image is not saved, this continues over and over. To reset, I need to shutdown the software and re-boot the NanoPC-T4. The camera works fine when plugged into one of the NanoPC-T4 usb2.0 ports, it just saves images at the usb2.0 speed. That isn't a big problem for me as I just do DSO im