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    I have a nano pi m4. Its running the kernel 5.4.28-rockchip64. Can you enabled the follow: HIDDEV gzip -d < /proc/config.gz | grep HIDDEV # CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV is not set I need this for the apcupsd.
  2. Now with an older intel ssd over the usb 3 NFS unencrypted partition, download ~ 107 MB/s NFS encrypted partition, download ~ 104 MB/S To upload or download von uncrypted partition has less peeks. Its quit stable. Encrypted is a bit flickering. Samba download and upload ~ 80/MBs. Does not matter if encrypted or not. NFS unencrypted from emmc, download ~ 65 MB/s. NFS unecnrypted from emmc, updload ~ very flickering. Have to build a script for more precise time measurament. Tunning is not finnish :D I
  3. I did order one. On my board I got with samba ~ 80 MB/s read write with encrypted 2,5 " harddrive connected with an usb usap adapter. Somewho upload is faster then download a bit.
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