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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. I read through that thread and tried to gleam relevant info, but much of it seemed to be openwrt specific stuff so I didn't make progress in that regard. I ended up getting Ubuntu to boot. I'll be honest, I'm really not sure what I did different this time. I started fresh, re-flashed U-Boot, set environment variables back to default, saved, rebooted, entered each U-Boot command again, reflashed my SD card, and was greeted with the familiar Linux boot messages. I setup a user account and logged in. Now, after a few seconds, I see error messages like "BUG: Bad page state in process khugepaged". Now, Ubuntu is failing to load up upon every boot. If I re-flash the SD card, it seems to get further in the process and boot successfully. After a few mins of it just sitting there, I start seeing error messages popping up once again. What does this mean? P.s. I've been using linux casually for years, but am not deeply familiar with the ins and outs, so forgive me if there is an obvious solution I'm not seeing here.
  2. Hello all. New ESPRESSObin owner here, so please forgive any obvious oversights I may have missed. I'm still getting familiar with it. I'm following the instructions on the Download page. I have a new 32GB Samsung SD card with an Armbian (mainline kernel 4.19.y) flashed onto it using Etcher for Windows. I flashed a new version of u-boot, specifically "flash-image-ddr4-1g-1cs-1000_800.bin", and that seemed to work without a hitch. I defined the environment variables as directed. When booting, it seems to go through my devices and I would guess that it can't find the image based on the "bad device, wrong image format" messages but I'm not 100% sure. I read that some folks suggest disconnecting your PC from power when using the console so I tried that. I tried reflashing the SD card and u-boot and those processes seem to be successful. I also tried using a 4GB USB flash drive with the same Armbian image flashed to it and the same message appears. I've been trying this for a few hours now- starting fresh, reflashing, rebooting, reading threads/guides, etc... Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to overcome this? What am I doing wrong here? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, I see a reference to "REV 5" near the top of my log. Do I have a v5 board? I bought it from Amazon and it specifically said "v7" in the title and this board has the newer 15-pin SATA connector, and I believe that's an indicator of v7. Full console log: