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  1. Do I have to add some modules / patches to the kernel to run HDMI touch display on OPi3? It is a no-name 1024x600 from china display and the image is normal but the touch is not working. Interestingly, this display connected to MeCOOL M8S PRO W (AML 905X chip) with Armbian 20.09 Focal with Linux 5.8.10-arm-64 works fine and that system recognizes the touch panel as: sudo evtest No device specified, trying to scan all of / dev / input / event * (...) / dev / input / event19: USB2IIC_CTP_CONTROL Select the device event number [0-19]: 19 Input driver version is 1.0.1 Input device
  2. Maybe I found the source of the problem with RDP not working: Well, in armbian-config in the file RDP is installed using: if! is_package_manager_running; then debconf-apt-progress - apt-get -y install xrdp vnc4server xorgxrdp systemctl enable xrdp.service> / dev / null 2> & 1. As it turns out, there is no such vnc4server package because: root@arm-64:~# apt-get install vnc4server Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Package vnc4server is not available, bu
  3. Hi on my Mecool M8S Pro W (with meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb): 1) after installing the images from August I cannot start the remote desktop -even manual installation in the console of xrdp does not solve this problem - (in older images like aml9xxX-Armbian_20.06.0_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.6_desktop_20200630.img.xz - remote desktop works well and this from armbian-config). It is true that there is a possibility to log in, but the remote desktop does not appear. 2) so far I have not found an image where the built-in BT in Mecool would work - does starting BT require any additional actions?
  4. You can add more details? Where to start? I don't have any eMMC backup
  5. Hello I ran Armbian from the SD card image: Armbian_20.06.0_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.6_desktop_20200630.img.xz for Mecool m8s pro W (amlogics905x) When installing to eMMC, I chose the script and restarted the system after installing it. Unfortunately, from now on, the box does not work with the emmc or the SD card (only black screen on the HDMI output) In previous experiments with this box and Armbian, I usually installed the system on the box with the script and everything worked fine - I just have no idea why I chose a different script this tim
  6. Hi version (v0.09_Armbian_5.76_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_4.20.12.img.bz2) don't boot on RPI 3 2Gb 8Gb emmc - stops inn kernel load stage (no result over 1,5h loading)