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  1. Does that change the memory allocation, from 1 to 2gb? Like what I mentioned in my earlier post?
  2. Excuse my lack of knowledge regarding the armbian build pipeline but is it possible to replace boot.bin on the SD card ? Does the boot.img end up as the vmLinux-4.14.98-sp56818 in the /boot folder ? Could I potentially replace that file with 2g-bl1-nanopi.bin ?
  3. Hi fellow T3+ owners. I have the same situation; Armbian Bionic for T3+ panics right after boot, probably the memory config has changed. However... if you use the T3 (non plus) armbian image I can not only boot but can flash it to eMMC (I am not saying this is a perm solution). WiFi works, haven't tried camera but looks stable enough for development. The only issue I have is the usable memory is 1Gb instead of 2Gb. Where does armbian get the available memory from, is it auto detect or is there something like a boot.txt ? Regards, Morgan