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  1. Hello all, I've been quickly playing with device tree files to get better support for my S812 Minix X8-H Plus board, and achieved to get bluetooth/wifi suppport. Commit is here: https://github.com/amondit/linux/commit/c35d03b16a3c21d4da1f81d303044d99438da71c It's WIP, I'll try to add more things if I have some time, and maybe get it included in Martin's branches (I have a PR opened, but may have to go through the mailing-list process). For those willing to play with a compiled dtb file, I attached it in this post. It may be compatible (for now) with the MXIII Plus as the boards are very similar, except for the wifi/bt chipset but which is AP6330 vs AP6335 (but the dts/dtb file should work for both). Once added to your boot partition (and referenced in uEnv.ini), you need also to add the amlogic brcm firmware files from https://github.com/kirill9617/brcmfmac_sdio-firmware-aml into /lib/firmware/brcm/ meson8m2-minix-neo-x8-h-plus.dtb
  2. Thanks a lot, will try! But the kernel release should be the same for everyone, no? I can imagine that for integration branches you'll get not-yet-merged changes, but when it's a released kernel the sources should be the same for everyone. But maybe there's something I'm missing.
  3. I got the 5.6 sources from Kevin Hilman's repo https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/khilman/linux-amlogic.git
  4. hello @balbes150, thanks again for your work on this platform, it's highly appreciated. I installed your 2020/03/31 build of Buster Armbian, and I'm trying to build a custom kernel to have all it takes to be able to run docker on my Minix X8-H Plus (S812). It's booting fine using your kernel, but as soon as I try to build a kernel either from your sample config (the one at /boot/config-***) or one I make myself (make multi_v7_defconfig), after reboot I don't have the ethernet interface loading anymore at boot time, and get these errors (that's the only ones related to ethernet): [ 2.204672] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet: ignoring dependency for device, assuming no driver [ 2.208060] stmmaceth c9410000.ethernet: ignoring dependency for device, assuming no driver And of course I don't get network connectivity any more, I had to check that using uart. Do you know of any particular config you had to make in order to make your kernel working? Thanks a lot in advance
  5. Minix X8-H is using S802 SoC (with 100mbps ethernet) while the Minix X8-H Plus is using S812 (has gigabit ethernet), so you can't use the same dtb files
  6. Thanks a lot! Also, could you consider making one of your builds with the 5.0 kernel and a btrfs ROOTFS? I tried converting the ext4 partition to btrfs and adjusting the uEnv.ini file to change the rootfstype but it wouldn't boot either... I don't know if there are other things to change?
  7. Hi, I think I read somewhere (maybe the OpenElec forums but I don't remember exactly) that the 3.10 was just too old/hacked by AmLogic to support docker properly. Also it only exposes 1.6G of ram due to I think memory dedicated to the gpu (that I don't need personally as my box is headless, I prefer have the full 2G of ram for software). I don't know about the gen of my Minix box, I'm not sure if there is a simple way for me to know? I just reinstalled armbian using the 5.0 kernel, and I had some issues booting directly from the usb drive, what is working for me right now is having the boot partition on the sdcard and the rootfs on the usb drive. Also the otg port did work for me using a 2.5 usb hdd with the double power usb ports (data port on the otg adapter, power port on one of the other usb ports), but it doesn't seem to work using a powered 3.5 usb hdd adapter. I don't know if you somehow need to backfeed current to the otg port for it to work, or if it's an issues with the 5 kernel... Anyway, if I were you and wanted to test step by step, I would: - Grab a sdcard and try with flashing the latest balbes' image with 5.0.0-rc4 kernel (not on a usb drive, I had less issues booting from sdcards) - See if it boots. Remember there's no gpu support so no video output, see with your router's dhcp allocations or a network scan (personally I use a network scan app on my android phone) to detect the ethernet IP and try to ssh to it (root/1234) - Grab the 5.0.0 kernel sources, and the config file I attached (there's no dot in the filename I provided, add it) - try to compile it, and install: make -j 4 LOADADDR=0x00208000 uImage dtbs modules sudo make modules_install sudo make headers_install sudo cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /boot - reboot, see if it boots with the compiled 5.0.0 kernel. If it does you should be able to install docker - from there you could play with migrating the rootfs partition to a usb drive. Remember that the boot process will look for a ext4 partition with the "ROOTFS" label. That's how you should be able to switch between the sdcards and usb drive rootfs partitions. What I did is that I flashed balbes' image on a usb drive, and removed the rootfs label from the sdcard partition (sudo e2label /dev/mmcblk0p2 "") Also, the .config file I provided is clearly not optimized. I grabed a default one that includes lots of stuff for many boards and added the docker flags I needed. It clearly needs optimization as it include support for a lot of unnecessary bloat. But it works for me, I'll make some cleanup in the future if I have some time... I hope that helps,
  8. You're welcome! Regarding storage, I am using a usb hard drive, but plugged into the otg port (with the box provided otg adapter) to save the other ports' bandwidth for other stuff (otg and 'regular' usb ports are on 2 different usb buses, so I assume not shared bandwidth but I haven't tested). The only drawbacks are that the otg port doesn't provide power (I am using a non-bus-powered 3.5" hd sata usb adapter so I'm fine) and does not boot (so I have to put the /boot partition on a sdcard or usb stick on one of the regular usb ports). I haven't played with internal memory, I'm not sure how the mainline kernels support this... Has anyone tried? Thanks & regards,
  9. Hi, I managed to have docker running on a S812 box (Minix X8-H Plus model same as you), you need to recompile the kernel with all the required flags set for docker to work. I started from Balbes150's latests images with 4.x kernel (but should be good as well using 5.0), downloaded the kernel sources from Kevin Hilman's repo (https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/khilman/linux-amlogic.git), made the .config changes required for docker to work (you can have a look at docker's site, or to the script that validates current kernel flags for docker), build the kernel uImage, headers and modules, installed everything and rebooted. After that the docker service runs fine (even in swarm mode). The only thing I didn't managed to get working was wifi, but since I'm plugged in ethernet i didn't investigate that much to get the ap6335 to work. I'm using the default mxiii dtb from balbes' release, it works fine.