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  1. How can we know (where can we see) cpu freq is changing when using v5.90?
  2. Hello, I've tested v5.90 on my T95Q (S905X2). I cannot see if cpu freq is changing: htop is not showing the cpu freqs, if I try to go into armbian-config/System/CPU, I get the same error I got with v5.89, if I try to use cpufreq-info, it says "no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU". So, how to know if cpu freq is really changing? Am I doing something wrong? Note: I'm using the default dtb, the same I'm using with v5.89 (meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb). Thank you very much,
  3. Can I upgrade from 5.89 to 5.90 with "apt-get upgrade"? Or do I have to create a new microSD card, transfer it to eMMC, and so on? Does v5.90 have a cpu governor for S905X2, that is, are the cpu freqs changd dinamically? Thank you for sharing your work with us,
  4. v5.89 debian stretch without desktop. I have to say I have opened the case (3 screws) and I have a small fan on it, so the air is moving around the passive heatsink.
  5. I'm running now a T95Q (S905X2) as my main server, running several dockers (pi-hole, cloudflared, unifi controller, nginx reverse proxy and openvpn). It's running fine. rsyslog seems to be active, but it's not consuming any unusual amount of cpu; that's my case. I'm using the same dtb than you.
  6. Thank you very much for your answers @balbes150 I'll be watching this post and will try all your new releases
  7. Thank you very much, @balbes150, I'll do that. If I'm not abusing, some more questions: Armbian says: Memory usage: 5 % of 3354MB htop says: Mem 3.28 G, Swp 1024 M. In my S912, htop says: Mem 2.77 G. 1-So, are only detected 3.5 G of RAM? I have 4G. Or maybe part of the swap is formed in part by RAM (maybe 0.5G approx?). Another option: maybe the 0.72 G of RAM (from 3.28 to 4G) are reserved fpr video memory? I'm running the headless version of your image, without any desktop. If this is the case, can I get more RAM for the server, giving less to the video memory? 2-And what about frequency? Can we know which frequency it's working? And is it always the same? 3- Do you think these things (temperature, clock control/governor) will be improved/controlled in future releases? Thank you very much again I really appreciate all you are doing with these ATVs.
  8. @Jorge Bolanos, are you sure your issue is related to Android 9? You have to: 1-Burn a .img image, recommended to a microSD. 2- Connect it to your computer and edit the uEnv.ini file. Use a dtb that's supposed to work with your ATV. 3-Connect it while Android is on, go to "Update & Backup" and install the aml_autoscript. 4- The system will reboot. If Armbian doesn't boot, go back to step 2, try to use another dtb. If it doesn't boot, once you have tried to use several dtbs, you should explain **exactly** what's going on. 5- Once it boots, you finally know the dtb you need, so you can try to boot from a USB drive. Remember you may have two USB drives, maybe one is USB2 and the other one is USB3, maybe USB2 and USB3 not, or viceversa. They are guys saying they cannot boot from USB (neither of them).
  9. Hello, @Jorge Bolanos, I've bought my ATV in, this model: The description is not 100% accurate; for example, they say "HDMI 3.0" instead of "HDMI 2.1" but Armbian says it's connected to 1000M speed. I hope I will have time this night, to check the new @balbes150 v5.89 image, and I will connect my T95Q directly to an Unifi switch I have, which will tell me the real speed of the connection (I can look at it in the Unifi Controller).
  10. Great guide, I read it yesterday, thank you!
  11. Hi, @balbes150, one question: Can we know the CPU temp and freq, with this new kernel? I'm using a T95Q, with meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb, and htop and armbian don't show any of these values (checked with 20190611 armbian and ubuntu versions, and with Armbian_5.89_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_5.1.0_20190617.img). I need to know this, especially temperature, to know how much cooling S905X2 needs, to avoid overheat. My S912 is opened , without the top case, with a fan on it for this reason
  12. Yes, it works, althought it's supposed to be 1000M (I know some sellers say it's 10/100M, but S905X2 is supposed to support 1000M). In my case, typing: ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed I get this message: Speed: 1000Mb/s