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  1. I totally agree with @balbes150. In my opinion, what he's doing is absolutely great. Maybe it's easy to forget @balbes150 is doing this for free, and maybe we don't know how many hours he's spending on doing this (I bet some of them, everyday). Thank you, Mr. @balbes150: I think you should be paid by ATVs manufacturers, because, thanks to your work, and only in my case, they have sold 3 Amlogic ATVs (to me); and I had never bought them because of Android: It's your Armbian, the reason To be sincere, I'm happier with my ATV boxes, running @balbes150 Armbian, than I am with my Raspberrys, covered by tons of dust in this very moment.
  2. Thank you veeeeery much, that's so cooool!
  3. I know, thank you, but it's Stretch, and I'd like to use Buster. I have several ATVs running @balbes150 images, and I'd like to use the same version of Buster in all of them, and in my Odroid C2, too. So... do you know if it's possible?
  4. Can @balbes150 armbian be installed on Odroid C2? If it's possible, which DTB must be used?
  5. How can we know (where can we see) cpu freq is changing when using v5.90?
  6. Hello, I've tested v5.90 on my T95Q (S905X2). I cannot see if cpu freq is changing: htop is not showing the cpu freqs, if I try to go into armbian-config/System/CPU, I get the same error I got with v5.89, if I try to use cpufreq-info, it says "no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU". So, how to know if cpu freq is really changing? Am I doing something wrong? Note: I'm using the default dtb, the same I'm using with v5.89 (meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb). Thank you very much,
  7. Can I upgrade from 5.89 to 5.90 with "apt-get upgrade"? Or do I have to create a new microSD card, transfer it to eMMC, and so on? Does v5.90 have a cpu governor for S905X2, that is, are the cpu freqs changd dinamically? Thank you for sharing your work with us,
  8. v5.89 debian stretch without desktop. I have to say I have opened the case (3 screws) and I have a small fan on it, so the air is moving around the passive heatsink.
  9. I'm running now a T95Q (S905X2) as my main server, running several dockers (pi-hole, cloudflared, unifi controller, nginx reverse proxy and openvpn). It's running fine. rsyslog seems to be active, but it's not consuming any unusual amount of cpu; that's my case. I'm using the same dtb than you.
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