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  1. If you have spare sd cards you can "diff" a new image against the one you customized, for example mounting both on a host computer. It takes time and patience and you can cherry-pick only what's working This is my approach: put all or most of your configuration into the build process itself ( BTW kudos to the guys behind these incredible tools. Thanks!
  2. This is the serial output from my Opi3 (it has a eMMC). No light turn on. v0.12_Armbian_5.76_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_4.20.12.log
  3. This is the serial port output when booting v0.11: And then goes on like this
  4. Brilliant idea!! I attached an arduino to the OPi3 serial port with an old cdrom audio connector (where I moved a pin in order to have three adjacent pins connected) and three male-male pin cables, now I can see the output
  5. Oh my, I didn't notice. It's even worse than you describe! I left for half an hour the OPi3 idling and its load average is around 7, with cfinteractive taking 100% of the CPU... I managed to compile the kernel from but now I have to figure out how to convert the image to u-boot format (this u-boot thing is new to me). @krachlatte did you receive your board? I'd like to help with testing but the instruction here: are not clear to me. I'll try with the latest image from
  6. I installed Ubuntu and was able to upgrade to 18.04.2 LTS keeping the 3.10.65 kernel Basically you have to replace the mirrors provided in /etc/apt/sources.list and resize the /boot partition (added another 50MB: originally it's only 50MB and the script "do-release-upgrade" fails), did the resizing on my main computer. I can mount a USB3 pen drive but the I/O performance are appalling. Gigabit ethernet works fine. I agree about overheating, I'll have to mount a heat sink...