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  1. Maybe that button should be pressed, and not just pull up power cable?
  2. Ok. There is some progress. TF card formatted as you suggested, eMMC too. PhoenixCard is opened as Run as Administrator. Image is burned as project. When i insert both memory cards and power up board, i get green bar, and green LED on board. Green bar on screen is filled up and at the end i get massage Card OK. Green LED on board is still lighting, not blinking, but solid light. I waited for a couple of minutes and it stayed that way. Then i powered off board, remove TF card and powered it up again. On first attempt i get H5 logo and it stayed that way. Green LED started blinking but after a few moments it stops. No progress beyond it. I made same steps again, this time waited a little longer on that filled green bar. After powered it up again, nothing shows up on screen. Green LED is blinking all the time. No progress on screen at all. This is a little bit frustrating.
  3. I will try it afternoon and post here what i came up. Thank you.
  4. After sending mail to FA, they changed wiki page for K1 Plus. Now it is more understandable. But problem persist. I did all according to their wiki: format TF with HHDLLF and insert in PC again to make partitions burn Adnroid image as product width PhoenixCard format eMMC as TF insert both cards in K1 Plus power it up Power supply is 5V/3A and i boot this board width Android, FriendlyCore, Armbian, DietPi without single problem. All from Kingston class 10 8GB TF card. So cables are ok, supply is ok, HDMI screen is ok, K1 Plus is... ok, i think. When i try to boot this board from eMMC, board do nothing. Green LED isn't flashing, only red LED is lit up. Output is through HDMI. This board should write OS from TF to eMMC after first boot, then, power it down, pull out TF card, and it should boot from eMMC, from now on. But it is not. Problem could be: bad K2Plus after all - bought from FA bad eMMC (or Emmc-TF adapter ??) - bought from FA bad Android image - also from FA or after all, i don't do something right I send them mail again, i hope they will answer. Meanwhile i post here, if someone made this works. Any help would be nice.
  5. As title says, how to install image on eMMC on this board? My board works fine on TF card with every image FriendlyElec, DietPi and you here provide, but i haven't managed to make it boot from eMMC. On official Wiki there are some misleading. For Ubuntu they say to select image from eflasher and burn it on TF card. Eflasher folder has two images. Which one? Although i tried both. Anyway, if i burn boot image on TF card, should eMMC stays empty or to burn on it, say, root image? Or to burn root image on TF? I had a few attempts but no luck. Obviously. On Android, they say to insert TF card into PC and burn image on eMMC? LOL. Again should i burn anything on eMMC? If so, should i burn it as product or startup? Damn, too many options... Second question. There are two Armbian images, bionic and stretch. What is the difference? Both works fine, but they are server kind of images. Is there a plan to make a desktop variant?