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  1. (Just for the record: It seems that switching to systemd-networkd solved the problem for me.)
  2. It is Debian Bullseye. Ok, I will try that. For now I've disabled zram. Since then, networking is ok. Thanks!
  3. From time to time, I notice that the HC4 looses its IP address. journalctl then tells me: dhcp4 (eth0): selecting lease failed: -131 But I don't know the reason for it. Sometimes it happens after a reboot. Pulling the ethernet cable off and plugging it in again seems to help and after a few tries, the HC4 is reachable again. I'd be happy to give more information, but I don't know yet how to debug it. I noticed that /var/log (zram) sometimes gets full but I don't know if this is related…
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