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  1. Thanks for the reply MX10.AC2N, checking the list doesn't show my printer, yes, I understand that doesn't mean that driver won't work. I have to be honest though and say that those instructions are somewhat over my head because I'm so new to all this. Things have changed much since my early days of building 8 bit systems, and writing "subroutines" to drive hardware in my retirement mode I'm constantly playing catch up. Hopefully I'll soon figure it out, but I wanted to give you a thank you and if I get it going I'll post results incase other's have the same issue. I should also mention that when using the desktop utility to add a printer, it recognises the printer on the network, but it doesn't find a driver for it even though it lists several Brother printers. Thanks again.
  2. Greetings all! A noob here just starting to explore and grasp Linux, ARM, and SBC's. I hope I'm posting in a correct area; don't want to ruffle any feathers. I've worked with IoT for a bit, while we several Rpi's collected dust until I put one to work with Node Red for a smart-home project. That sparked my interest, and I aquired a used Rock64 board relatively cheap to play. In retrospect it may have not been the right choice but I have it now. After trying several "dis-jointed" OS's steered to by the Pine website, and finding them to only work partially, at best, I came across Armbian after much searching. I'm very glad I did. I find the OS I selected to be very adequate for my learning needs with only a few caveats. I've learned to configure some of the system characteristics and am able to follow some tutorials on Debian, Linux, etc. Now I've gotten to a point where I'd like to print out some of the subject matter. However it appears that there doesn't seem to be a print driver for my printer. I just replaced my old HP Deskjet with a Brother HL-L3230CDW network printer. While there are Linux drivers, I could find none for ARM processors. Does anyone have any idea as to a solution. Many thanks for any help.
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