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  1. Hello Many thanks for your reply I already read this thread beofre and I confess I am totaly lost with all comments I already tested many images from repository and no one run on my box If i configure my usb stick with the tutorial, i have a black screen and that's all I found somewhere on the forum a pack with the u-boot.ext, aml script and boot.ini file What I have is a green screen and don't continue booting I choosen the dtb you specified but no results This is also the reason why I asked where I can find the correct image because recent versions seems not compatible Many thanks for your help
  2. Hello, First of all, I am sorry to create new topic on this subject I wanted to reply and ask on the existing topic but closed now I have a X96 Air P3 and would like to use Armbian This box is a S905X3 with a Mali-G31 mp2 4gb and 64gb rom I tested all possible image in the unified topic but no result On the last topic, it say Armbian_20.09_Arm-64_buster_current_5.8.5.img working fine I would like to download it but didn't find in the download section I also would like to know what is the correct dtb file to use I really appreciate your help and especially your work done for this SOC Best regards
  3. Hello first of all, I would like to thank you for your big help i downloaded image and made boot This, time, this version looks working (green led blinking, a good sign ) but screen show red my screen show 1280x720 60p resolution I think this can be resolved by changing to a lower resolution from image but don't know where exactly Thanks for your help and your time UPDATE finally had first connection by SSH ARMBIAN purposed to change resolution (great ) i just need to set the correct value for my board just need to know how to
  4. thanks for your precision about the correct image really appreciate i will prepare it and show error if it occure
  5. board model is NANOPI M1 any version and any kernel tried many version and alway stop with and error "critical temp" i tried to disable hardware monitor services in order to overide sensor monitor but no effect i can take a picture if you need more precision i can try with Armbian_5.84_Nanopim1_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop image and if error occure, i can make a picture
  6. thanks for your reply didn't know this will only work for 3.x I am on 4.14 I would like to use armbian for nanopim1 but it always stop for temp critical cpu sensor is wrong and i don't find any info to disable cpu sensor monitor Thanks for your time and help
  7. Thanks for your precious tutorial :) i have an issue on the first step for the command make config ABI=armhf VERSION=r3p0 r3p0 => i think i have to replace by the last version in the git clone folder correct ? when launching make config ABI=armhf VERSION=r9p0 i have this result root@DietPi:~/sunxi-mali# make config ABI=armhf VERSION=r9p0 make: *** No rule to make target 'config'. Stop. for this section 3. Configure your system - configure your kernel to allocate memory for the GPU - make sure mali and mali_drm kernel modules are loaded - give your user permissions to access /dev/ump and /dev/mali - configure Xorg to use fbturbo driver I don't know how to perform kernel configuration (this is my first time sorry :) ) and would like how with your help :) all others sections has been done without any issue :) Thanks for the help :)
  8. Hello Thanks for your answer. ARM provide a linux package for Mali T820 as you can see on the picture in attachment. Fact is it's really difficult to implement on armbian because no documentation about what exactly needed and how to install it. I will take a look on Khadas but I think I will find nothing interesting except if they provide a system with gpu driver implemented. Thanks again for your reply 😊🙏
  9. Hello. First of all, thanks for your work and images working for my board :) I am working on S912 game board (board is used for an arcade game hardware) and would like to install gpu drivers. My issue is I don't find any documentation about from official website (ARM) I also wanted to use Panfrost but no documentation exist for installation :( I visited many site and Learn a little about Deb package and dkms package. Now I have a few questions about Can I install deb without dkms or must I install also dkms? How I can install gpu drivers if files like make don't exist on official deb package and cmake command not working Official provider for Midgard drivers https://developer.arm.com/products/software/mali-drivers/midgard-kernel Hope someone can help with this request and thank you for your time :)
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