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  1. Hello Thanks for your answer. ARM provide a linux package for Mali T820 as you can see on the picture in attachment. Fact is it's really difficult to implement on armbian because no documentation about what exactly needed and how to install it. I will take a look on Khadas but I think I will find nothing interesting except if they provide a system with gpu driver implemented. Thanks again for your reply 😊🙏
  2. Hello. First of all, thanks for your work and images working for my board :) I am working on S912 game board (board is used for an arcade game hardware) and would like to install gpu drivers. My issue is I don't find any documentation about from official website (ARM) I also wanted to use Panfrost but no documentation exist for installation :( I visited many site and Learn a little about Deb package and dkms package. Now I have a few questions about Can I install deb without dkms or must I install also dkms? How I can install gpu drivers if files like make don't exist on official deb package and cmake command not working Official provider for Midgard drivers https://developer.arm.com/products/software/mali-drivers/midgard-kernel Hope someone can help with this request and thank you for your time :)